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Graduation and Retention Rates: Explanation of Terms and Other Resources

The tables and charts in this section pertain to retention and graduation rate statistics at Miami University.

Graduation Rates
Data are presented to be consistent with national reporting guidelines for graduation rates as defined in the Student Right-to Know Act. This specifies that only students who are (1) first-time college students during the fall semester, and (2) enrolled full-time during their first semester, are to be included in each yearly cohort. Each cohort is then tracked for 6 years. Students not tracked for the graduation rates include: students who begin college in the Spring; students who begin college as part-time students; graduate students; and students who are transfers from other colleges. Also note that students beginning at the Hamilton and Middletown campuses are reported separately from Oxford students.

All colleges which participate in federal financial programs are required to report graduation information to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) for its Graduation Rates Survey. Graduation data on student athletes is also reported in this survey, and is included in the NCAA's Graduation Rates Reports. Only those athletes who received athletic aid during their first year are separated out in this report.

Retention Rates
First-year retention is defined as the percentage of an initial cohort (as defined above) enrolled at the same institution one year later (i.e., freshman to sophomore year). For example, of 3,463 first-time, full-time Miami undergraduates in Fall 2007, 3,101 (89.5%) were enrolled in Fall 2008.

In addition to federal reporting, Miami University participates in the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange, which gathers retention and graduation rate information from hundreds of universities across the country. Their website contains summary information.

Success Rates
Students who do not complete a degree at Miami may transfer to other schools for a variety of reasons. The success rates identify the percentage of students who graduate with a degree or are enrolled at any institution of higher learning (i.e., Miami University or a different college or university) after 6 years. Approximately 6% of beginning freshmen at Miami University do not complete a degree or show any transfer school enrollment.

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