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Graduation and Retention Rates: Time to Degree

This page explores how long Miami students take to earn their degrees, and the factors that may cause them to take longer than 4 years to complete an undergraduate degree.

For first time, full time new freshmen beginning in Fall 2001 who earned a bachelors degree at Miami, the average time to earn the degree was 3.86 years.

Here are some of the factors influencing the time to earn a bachelors degree at Miami:

Unearned Hours by Length of Time to Graduate

GPA by Length of Time to Graduate

AP, CLEP & Transfer Hours by Length of Time to Graduate

Total Hours by Length of Time to Graduate

In summary, the length of time to graduation at Miami is strongly influenced by academic performance: better grades, more AP courses, more college credits earned in high school, and fewer hours failed/dropped at Miami all lead to shorter times to earn a degree.

We also examined whether attempting to earn multiple degrees (e.g. a B.A. and a B.S.) and/or multiple majors influenced time to degree. We found no evidence that people who earned multiple majors/degrees took longer to finish college (thus no charts on this subject are shown). Certainly, some students who struggled with a particular major, then earned a degree in a different major, took more than 4 years to finish their degree. However, those students are not numerous enough to show up as an overall trend.

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