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Graduation and Retention Rates

Some basic statistics on Miami's graduation and retention rates for new freshmen are contained on the Student Right to Know web pages. This federally required reporting follows the progress of cohorts of first time, full time new freshmen for 6 years from the time they begin college.

Miami's graduation rates are among the highest in the nation for public universities. However, some parents and prospective students may want more information on why some students require more than 4 years to graduate:

Time to Degree

Students who do not complete a degree at Miami may transfer to other schools for a variety of reasons. Only around 5% of beginning freshmen at Miami do not complete a degree or show any transfer school enrollment:

Degree Outcomes After 6 Years

Detailed Success & Progress Rate Tables

Graduation Rates by Gender - 4 Year History

Graduation Rates by Ethnicity - 4 Year History


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