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The tables and charts in this section pertain to student enrollment at Miami University.

Since the Fall semester of each year usually represents the peak enrollment, most enrollment reporting is done for the Fall semester. Enrollment information is captured and "frozen" at two separate times during each semester: at the 15th day of the semester; and 30 days after the end of the semester. This ensures consistent reporting, as enrollment numbers may fluctuate slightly due to changes in the Banner transactional system.

The Factbook tables primarily use data from the 15th day of the semester. This is generally considered the earliest point of the semester at which enrollment is "stable", as it represents the end of the drop/add period.

Data reported to the Ohio Board of Regents comes from the end of the semester. End of semester enrollment figures are higher since they contain online and other non-standard course enrollments. Currently, end of semester figures show approximately 1,000 more enrollments than 15th day enrollments; the vast majority of the "extra" students are part-time, non-degree seeking graduate students enrolled in online courses.

Miami University reports data for three campuses: the main campus in Oxford; and branch campuses in Hamilton and Middletown. Students attending the Dolibois Center in Luxembourg are counted with the Oxford campus. Student campus is determined by the primary campus indicator on the Banner system. Students may take courses on campuses other than their primary campus.

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