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Enrollment Projection Details

The projections in this section are done for the Oxford campus only.

Miami University is a highly selective school, with an excellent academic reputation and state-imposed enrollment caps. Therefore, in general, enrollment does not fluctuate widely. The size of the admitted freshman class is determined by the administration based on a variety of factors including the number and quality of freshman applications and recent class yield data (see the Admissions section of this fact book for application and yield trends; see the Admissions Office home page for more information about admissions policies).

Graduate admissions are similarly constrained by size limitations and the number and quality of applicants.

Miami receives a relatively small fraction of its undergraduate students through transfer (from other schools or from Miami's regional campuses) or returning former students. Trends for these groups are tracked, but as long as their numbers stay relatively stable, they are not separately estimated in the projections.

Given these constraints, the enrollment projections contained in this fact book are comparatively simple. Categories of incoming students (new freshmen and new graduate students) are projected as targets and are subject to change. Continuing students are projected by formulas using 3-year rolling averages of past performance. For example, the projection for the junior class of Fall 2007 is 82% of the previous year's sophomore class, where the "82%" factor is determined by averaging the actual ratio of (junior class) : (previous sophomore class) for the past three years.

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