About Ohio's Evaluation & Assessment Center


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Ohio’s Evaluation & Assessment Center is to improve K-20 STEM education, and beyond, in Ohio and across the nation by collaborating with local, state, and national agencies, school districts, higher education institutions, professional development centers, and mathematics and science education groups to provide specialized evaluation, assessment, and research services which support the delivery of reliable and accurate information about the outcomes of academic program efforts, activities, and initiatives.


Center Expertise and Services

Ohio's Evaluation & Assessment Center for Mathematics and Science Education is a specialized state-wide center that provides expertise in research design, proposal design and preparation, and evaluation planning and execution for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education projects.

The E & A Center offers evaluation and assessment services, technical assistance, and consultation support
for developing, implementing, evaluating, and revising programs, large- scale state and national research assessments, professional development projects,
and preschool through college mathematics and
science curricula.



The E & A Center also facilitates and fosters the incorporation of evaluation and assessment methods in research designs of proposals for external funding.

The Center collaborates with the Ohio Resource Center to provide an electronic source of mathematics and science evaluation and assessment instruments and resources.


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"We contracted with The Ohio Evaluation & Assessment Center at Miami University to assess the effect of our district's staff and administration to deliver our strategic plan in our everyday curriculum. Their work was beyond our expectations."

John R. Thomas
Director of Community Relations
Edgewood City Schools


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