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2011-12 Undergraduate Research Award Projects
being conducted in Spring 2012

Student Full Name Faculty Full Name Faculty Department Project Title
Lissa Amin Leonard J. Smart Psychology Effects of Field of View on Postural Regulation
Natalie Bata Michael Kennedy Chemistry and Biochemistry Osteporitin-C and Breast Cancer
Daphne Benzaquen Haifei Shi Zoology How Female Mice Respond to Short-term High-fat Diet Feeding
Martha Buckley Eva Rodriguez-Gonzalez Spanish and Portuguese The Role of Language Heritage in the Development of a Spanish-English Bilingual Child
David Conway Alexander Bush Joyce J. Fernandes Zoology Does the dHb9 Gene Regulate the Eclosion Behavior of the Fruit Fly?
Michael Diehl
Claire Dobbertin Adam Stiwald
Catherine Almquist Chemical and Paper Engineering Anaerobic Digestion of Biomass
Andrew Duberstein Joseph G. Johnson Psychology Effects of Monetary and Non Monetary Incentives on Persistence and Accuracy
Nicole Dusthimer Carrie Hall Psychology The Relationship Between Mimicry and Construal Level
Dustin Duval
Trevor Ham
Mathew Wren
Haley Clark
Stephanie Lemmo
Justin Saul Chemical and Paper Engineering Separation Extraction Processes for Kerotin Biomaterials
Tara Fallah Chris Lakis John Wilber Joyce J. Fernandes Zoology Genetic Manipulations of the Glial Sheath that Surrounds Peripheral Nerves in Drosophila
Erin Gadda Donald Ferguson Microbiology Generation of a mttP2 Knockout Mutant and Cloning of mttP2 Gene for Complementation of Mutant
Alycia Geerken
Roger LaFrance
John Moher
Aaron Moran
Catherine Almquist Chemical and Paper Engineering Elimination of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Using a Novel Enzyme and Bleach
Michael Gemma Katia Del Rio Tsonis Zoology Effects of N-Acetyl Cysteine and XJB-5-131, Two Scavenger Antioxidants, on Retinal Regeneration
Chloe R. Hines Pepper Stetler Art History Primitivism and the Modern Vision of the Bauhaus-bucher
Maria Holztrager Xiao-Wen Cheng Microbiology Screening Chitinase Enzymes to Control Dandruff Associated Yeast Malassezia
Matthew Huffman Jeong-Hoi Koo Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Investigation of Smart Materials for Actuating Electronic Braille Displays
Marcelo Jorge
Ethan Lindenbaum
Kathleen Killian Zoology Dopamine Involvement in Insect Hydrocarbon Development
Amelia Kinsella Leonard J. Smart Psychology Changes in Perception-Action Coupling Influence Postural Sway and Motion Sickness
Jeffery Kleykamp Burcin Bayram Physics Raman Spectroscopy for Non-invasive Glucose Measurement in Blood using Optical Phantoms
Emma Lasley Haifei Shi Zoology Effects of Maternal Diet on Metabolic Regulation of Offspring
Melissa Leonard Michael Robinson Zoology Determining if Apoptosis can be Prevented by Knocking out PTEN when FGF Receptor-2 is Deleted in the Lens
Katherine Lindauer
Sarah Blaha
Kathyrn Hasselfeld
Phyllis Callahan and James Janik Zoology Interaction of Prolactin and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary Adrenal (HPA) Axis during Stress in Male Mice
Sarah V. Lynch
Caitlin Finelli
Xiao-Wen Cheng Microbiology Development of a Fifth Generation Baculovirus Expression Vector System for Future Vaccine Production
Ross E. McDermott Richard C. Moore Botany The Effect of Linkage and Recombination on Genetic Diversity
Maria McNurlen Michael Kennedy Chemistry and Biochemistry Targeting Early Stage Pancreatic Cancer in a Mouse Model Using Fluorescent Antibodies
Claire Meikle Craig Williamson Zoology Daphnia and the UV-curing Hypothesis- Can Daphnia Reduce M. bicuspidata Infection by Self-exposing to UV?
Andrew T. Oberlin Iddo Friedberg Microbiology Database of Mycoplasma Evolution: A Web based Resource for the genomic study of Mycoplasma
Elizabeth Perez Michael Kennedy Chemistry and Biochemistry Crystallization of Membrane Proteins in Lipidic Cubic Phase Liquid Crystals
Kris Pericleous Robin D. Thomas Psychology Cross-Cultural Comparison of Object Affordance Between Western and Chinese Students
Kevin Phaup Geoff Riggle Art Naturally Digital
Julia Pizzuti Carrie Hall Psychology Development of a New Behavior Mimicry Methodology: Using First-Person Perspective Videos as a Substitute for Confederates
Abigail Purdum
Nicole Fisher
Halie Tansom
Chloe Hazen
Joseph Banks
Robert J. Setlock

Glenn Platt
Mechanical and Manufacturing

Engineering Interactive Media Studies
Project High Flight
Willie Ramirez Zachary Mix
Luis Colon Benjamin Saska
Robert J. Setlock Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Support Device for Cincinnati's Goodwill(Ability One Challenge)
Pavan Reddy Joyce Fernandes Zoology Homeotic Genes (Hox) Regulate the Adult-specific identity of Abdominal Motor Neurons in the Fruit Fly
Ashley Richards Luis Actis Microbiology Role of Blue-Light Sensing in the Response of Acinetobacter Baumannii to Oxidative Stress
Chelsey Rodriguez Richard L. Bretz Chemistry and Biochemistry Isolation and Identification of Antifungal Compounds in Aloe Cameronii
Nathaniel Rogers Fazeel Khan Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Development of an Electronically Activated Shape Memory Polymer Based Actuator
Andrew Rush Jeong-Hoi Koo and Willliam Berg Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Kinesiology and Health Collaborative Study on Human Balance Using Haptic/Biofeedback Systems
Claire Saltzman John Humphries Architecture and Interior Design Gang-land Green: ecological design principles in Chicagoland after architect Jeannie Gang
Hanna Scinto
Adam Spurling
Marcia Lee Microbiology Comparative Keratinolytic Capacities of Live Bat Isolates of Geomyces Species
Chris Shumrick Michael Robinson Zoology The Role of Frs2 in Lacrimal Gland Development
Rachael Siekemeyer Joseph Carlin Microbiology Chlamydial Modifications of Interferon-y Receptors in Human Epithelial Cells
Ana Tanner Leah Wasburn-Moses Educational Psychology Miami Connections Program Evaluation: Student Perceptions
Marc Toral Joyce J. Fernandes Zoology Following the Fate of Individual Motor Neurons in Drosophila by Single Cell Labeling