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Undergraduate Presentation Awards (UPA)

Undergraduate Presentation Awards (UPA) assist Miami University students in presenting the results of their independent research or independent creative activities at professional conferences and meetings. Since 1998, the UPA program has provided support to over 450 Miami students with funds from the Provost's Office and the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship.

Eligibility Any Miami undergraduate student whose work is accepted for presentation at a conference and who will be enrolled as a Miami University undergraduate at the time of the presentation may apply. This work is expected to be the result of the student's independent research (or independent creative activity) under the guidance of a Miami University faculty mentor/advisor. In support of the UPA application, the mentor must provide a concise letter of recommendation. If the presentation involves work done jointly with others, the mentor's letter should confirm that the student apllicant has made a primary contribution to the project. Supporting acceptance materials should identify the student as a primary author.

Academic Year 2014-15 UPA Application Cycle Opens on July 1, 2014

Application Procedure Applications will be evaluated and funding decisions made on a rolling basis. Resulting awards will be allotted on a first-come basis each semester. Before, attending the conference, the student should complete the online UPA Application Form

You will be required to upload two files with your application.
1) a copy of the letter of acceptance or email from the conference inviting you to present and
2) A concise (2 page maximum) proposal (written by the student) summarizing the project and the conference.
After you submit the application, Martha Weber, OARS Undergraduate Research Coordinator, will request the required recommendation letter from your faculty mentor in support of your UPA application.

Awards / Payment Application for an award must be made before attending a conference. Requests may be up to 50% of the projected expenses up to a maximum of $200. Actual award amounts may be less than these limits. If an award is granted, Miami's general accounting office will disburse the funds directly to the student around the time of the conference attendance. Unfortunately, travel advances are not available from this program. Students may only receive one award per academic year.