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MU Internal Research Support: Faculty Research Opportunities


Philip and Elaina Hampton Fund for Faculty International Initiatives. Hampton funds support Miami faculty to conduct research abroad, including faculty who participate in approved international faculty development seminar programs. The goal is to assist faculty in increasing the international dimension of knowledge and perspective contained in courses taught at Miami University, with the ultimate aim of increasing the capacity of Miami students to function effectively in a global and multicultural environment. Multiple awards totaling approximately $10,000 are recommended to the Provost twice a year by the Hampton Reading Committee and announced by its chair, the Director of International Education. The typical individual grant ranges between $1,500 and $3,000. Guidelines and application materials are available below. Beginning in 2011-2012, the Hampton competition will take place ONLY in the fall semester. For more information, go to: http://www.units.muohio.edu/internationalprograms/grants.php.

Faculty Development Fund for International Travel The Fund offers partial financial support to faculty making invited research presentations at international conferences or professional meetings abroad. Applications are submitted via the Department Chair and Divisional Dean on the form available from the Director of International Education, below. Grants from the Faculty Development Fund typically range up to $300, depending on the cost of attendance and the funding provided by the department and division. Due to limited funding, early application is strongly recommended.

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Havighurst Center Fund The purpose of the Havighurst Fund is to provide full or partial support for projects undertaken by full-time faculty and staff from all Miami campuses in all fields that focus on Russia, Eastern Europe, and/or Eurasia. Initiatives that promote wider faculty and student awareness of the region and that seek to deepen Miami's programmatic involvement in this area are preferred.

Those who wish to be considered for funding should submit one original and 9 copies of their application by February 10, 2012 to the Havighurst Center, 116 Harrison Hall, Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056. Proposals should include a detailed budget and a description of the project's intended impact on students.

All applicants are encouraged to contact KAREN DAWISHA, Director of the Havighurst Center, to discuss their proposals before submitting them, at DAWISHKL@muohio.edu.

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Miami University’s European campus is housed in a 15th-century château in Differdange, Luxembourg, 17 miles southwest of Luxembourg City, in the heart of Western Europe. Approximately 120 Miami students attend the Dolibois Center each semester and 40-45 Miami students normally attend the summer workshop. All students live with host families and engage in a rigorous curriculum that focuses on European studies.  MUDEC offers Miami faculty a unique professional opportunity to participate in this exciting educational  experience..  Faculty should be interested in  a teaching assignment that entails a high level of interaction with students.

BASE COURSE PROFESSOR APPOINTMENTS- Each semester, the faculty member teaches two courses: a 3-credit hour Europe-focused course base course linked to a 1-credit hour study tour and a 3-hour conventional course. There are two appointments per year. Appointments are for one or two years in consultation with the MUDEC Dean. Applicants for two-year appointments may request $3,000 for relocation (for one-year: $1,500). Base faculty on two-year appointments receive round-trip airfare to Luxembourg for faculty and family and round-trip airfare for a home visit at the end of the first year of service, a baggage allowance of $1,500 for a single faculty member and $3,000 for faculty accompanied by their family,and a foreign post allowance based on cost-of-living adjustments.  Due to the high level of interaction with students, accommodation on-campus (either the Château or the Villa) is mandatory for Ohio-based faculty.  Rent is covered by the University while fees for utilities will be charged in a lump sum depending upon the size of the apartment.  Base course professors receive a preferred rate on utilities.   They may also apply for a special summer grant of $4,000 for on-site preparation for the MUDEC study tour.  One-year appointees may apply for one grant and two-year appointees may apply for two such grants.  Selection is by the MUDEC Dean in consultation with the MUDEC Subcommittee.

SPRINT COURSE PROFESSOR (formerly Visiting Professor) APPOINTMENTS- Sprint Course Professors teach a single three-hour European-focused course with a built-in, five-day study tour.  Two Sprint Course Professor positions will be offered each semester.  Those appointed will continue to receive their Miami University salary and benefits, plus a $3,00 relocation allowance, and eligibility to apply for a study tour preparation grant of up to $3,000. Due to the high level of interaction with students, accommodation on-campus (either the Château or the Villa) is mandatory for Ohio-based faculty.  Rent is covered by the University while fees for utilities will be charged in a lump sum depending upon the size of the apartment.  Sprint Course Professors receive a preferred rate on utilities. 

ELIGIBILITY- All tenured, tenure-track, clinical faculty, as well as lecturers, may apply. Adjuncts and Visiting Assistant professors are not eligible. Interested faculty should possess sufficient familiarity with Europe and be able to incorporate topics dealing with modern Europe into their proposed courses. They should expect and welcome a high level of contact with their students.
For more information on the above programs, go to: http://www.muohio.edu/luxembourg/opportunities-faculty

Application forms and sample proposals are available upon request from:  ALYSSA KLEIN, Oxford-MUDEC Coordinator, 220 MacMillan Hall, 529-5050; kleinal@muohio.edu.

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Corporate & Community Institute
  • Customized Training for Business: The staff works with faculty and departments in the development of credit and non-credit contract training programs to  meet specific business challenges.
  • Non-Credit, Professional Development  Programs: Plan, budget, market, and conduct non-credit courses, workshops, and seminars designed to strengthen business skills and promote continuous learning.
  • Assessments: Reliable and validated assessments which provide employers with the information needed to make better hiring, retention, development, promotion and succession planning decisions.
  • Online Learning: Access programs taught by expert instructors using your computer to achieve your personal and professional goals.  Program selections range from personal enrichment to highly specialized career development programs

Contact: PATRICIA McNAB, Senior Director, Corporate & Community Institute, 14 Johnston Hall, 727-3382, mcnabpl@muohio.edu

Miami University Hamilton Faculty Scholarship and Research Grants
The Hamilton Campus has funds available to support scholarship and research by full-time faculty.  Funding will support both the scholarship of discovery and the scholarship of teaching.  Grants are typically awarded in the fall of each year, with a deadline for submission in September. Contact: DAVID BERG (785-3246; bergdj@muohio.edu) or AMY LAMBORG (785-3254; lambora@muohio.edu) for details.

Miami University Middletown Faculty Research Grants
The Research and Grants Committee on the Middletown Campus offers grants to support faculty research. Funding of up to $3,000 may be requested for supporting a range of ideas and projects, including but not limited to: individual research and scholarship in your discipline, scholarship of teaching, materials and equipment, summer compensation, and travel. Grants are typically awarded in the fall of each year, with a deadline for submission in October. Pending availability, a second round of proposals are solicited in the spring with an March deadline. Contact AL CADY (727-73258; cadyab@muohio.edu) or AMY STANDER (727-3337; standeae@muohio.edu) for details.


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Information is available about the following opportunities from Continuing Education, 127 McGuffey Hall, 529-8600; CEP@muohio.edu.

CREDIT WORKSHOPS. Miami's credit workshop mechanism provides faculty with opportunities to conduct domestic and international credit programs for diverse audiences. Budgets, which are enrollment-contingent, can include faculty stipends, travel, and other program expenses. Proposal forms and guidelines are available year-round, with annual updates available in September. Please note: to be included in the Miami University Summer Class Schedule, proposals must be submitted early in September, and be fully approved in early November.

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An opportunity for faculty to teach honors-only seminars generally limited to twenty students. Seminars are normally three credit courses and provide diverse opportunities for students to (a) develop the skills required for intellectual leadership; (b) gain experience in the in-depth analysis of issues; and (c) hone their critical reasoning abilities. Seminars may be offered at the introductory, intermediate or advanced level; all honors courses must be designed to advance Honors Program learning outcomes.  Some funding is available for special course projects.

Contact:CAROLYN HAYNES, Director, Old Manse, 529-2021, haynesca@muohio.edu, and go to: http://www.honors.muohio.edu.

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