Miami University Natural Areas-About Us

Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

This Committee, chaired by Dr. Douglas H. Taylor, reports to the President of the University, and is responsible for oversight and management of the Natural Areas.

Committee Members

Dr. Michelle D. Boone

Amanda Bentley Brymer

Vinny Cirrito

Dr. Thomas Crist -Vice Chair

Dr. Hardy Eshbaugh

Sam Fitton

Dr. David L. Gorchov

John Fl Keegan

Dr. Richard E. Lee Jr.

Dr. Orie Loucks

Jim Reid

Dr. Ann Rypstra

Dr. Martin H. Stevens

Dr. Douglas H. Taylor -Chair

Gregg Vaughn

Mrs. Holly D. Wissing

Field Manager

Jim Reid

Work-513 524 2197

The Natural Areas: “They are to be preserved and protected for approved uses in education, research, recreation and observation in perpetuity.”

The Miami University community and the public (and friendly dogs on leash) are invited to enjoy the recreational and educational benefits of over 17 miles of hiking trails tucked within 1000 acres of varying habitat.

The areas close at dark. Please protect plants and animals by remaining on the trails. We appreciate your help in removing any litter. Litter-bags are available at trailheads for litter removal. 
Fires, hunting, bicycling and camping are not permitted anywhere. 

Save the date. 2014 Hike-A-Thon Plus - Saturday, September 27th.

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The Bachelor Reserve and Other Natural Areas