Marching Band Registration

Personal Information

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Membership Status and Campus Living

I am a: New member
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Former member who will not be returning this year
Reason for not returning:
I will be a:

Note: For those who will be living in a residence hall, the Marching Band will automatically arrange with the Housing Office for you to move into your room when you arrive. A fee of $30/day will be charged to your University bill during pre-season week. If you have any special circumstances we need to be aware of (moving in early, etc.), please make sure you indicate them in the additional comments section at the bottom of this form.

I will be living: On-Campus (University Residence Hall)
Campus Address (if known):
Date of Residence Hall Check-In

(Select N/A if living Off-Campus)

I'd like help moving in.
Some of the service organizations for the band are available to aid new marching band members moving into their residence halls. This service is completely free - they're here to help and to make new members feel welcome. If you'd like a hand carrying boxes and such when you move in, check this box.


I will need a university-owned instrument.

Note: There is a $50/semester rental fee for using university-owned instruments. Color Guard equipment rental fee is $35. All Mellophones, Baritones, Tubas, Percussion, and Color Guard will automatically receive University-owned equipment and will be assessed this rental fee. The University will provide a rental for any Tenor Sax players who may need one. Rentals may be available for some other instruments but inventory is extremely limited.

Pre-season week

Note: A $105 course fee will be assessed to your bursar account upon registering for MUS 100E. This fee covers items related to pre-season week and other instruction-related expenses.

I will attend the 2017 Miami University Pre-season Week.
I will arrive late to the 2017 Miami University Pre-season Week. Note: This must be approved by the Marching Band Staff prior to August 19, 2017. Please indicate below when you will arrive and for what reason.

Other Information

T-Shirt Size
Marching Shoes I need to purchase marching shoes (Winds and Percussion wear all-black marching shoes. Payable during pre-season camp. $35 - Winds, Percussion, Color Guard)
Shoe Size: (Half and Wide sizes available in most sizes)

Note: The Marching Band will be wearing new uniforms in 2018 that will require black shoes. All new and returning members will need to purchase black shoes if they don't already own a pair.

Medical Information

The following information is used solely in case of emergency during trips, performances, practice, etc.

Emergency Contact #1:
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  Phone (work):
Emergency Contact #2:
  Phone (home):
  Phone (work):
Please list any medications you are taking:
Please specify any allergies, dietary restrictions, or other medical conditions you have (i.e. bee stings, diabetes, etc.):
Please list any other factors that might restrict your participation:
Medical Insurer:
  Insurance Company Name:
  Group/Policy Number:
  Certificate/Individual Number (how the insurance company identifies you - could be social security number):

European Tour

The Marching Band is considering a European Tour in 2018. To gauge interest, please complete the questions below. This is NOT a commitment to go on the trip...simply to gather planning information.
I'm interested in participating in a European Tour in 2018.
I'm available for travel between May 27 and June 1, 2018.
I could afford to contribute:
Additional comments or questions about the European Tour

Additional Comments

Please provide any additional comments or questions you may have.