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Master of Technical and Scientific Communication at Miami University

Important Note: 11/2009

We are sorry to report that, because of changing economic and other conditions in the university, the department and other university officials have agreed to suspend the MTSC program at this time. It is unlikely that the program will admit students again in the near future. If you have questions about the closure of the program, please don’t hesitate to direct them to Dr. Kerry Powell, Chair, Department of English.

Technical and scientific communication is a diverse and well-established discipline with many opportunities for graduates. Technical and scientific communicators help specialists in many fields communicate with a variety of audiences. Some inform specialists in a particular scientific or technical field about the accomplishments of other specialists. Others make technical and scientific information understandable and useful to customers, corporate executives, legislators, and the public. Miami’s program trains communicators in the nuances of language and persuasion, in digital and print media, and in project management. The MTSC at Miami prepares students to work in the settings they choose.

Technical and scientific communicators work for business, industry, government, and non-profit organizations. Some work as freelancers, while some work for consulting firms that create technical and scientific communications for other organizations.

What is Miami’s Master of Technical and Scientific Communication program like?

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Miami University offers a graduate degree program leading to the Master’s of Technical and Scientific Communication (MTSC). The MTSC program emphasizes a problem-solving approach to communicating and managing information on specialized subjects. Its purpose is to prepare students for careers in which they’ll help professionals in scientific, technical, and other fields communicate their knowledge clearly and effectively. This web site describes the MTSC program and provides more information on technical communication.

What are the special features of Miami’s MTSC program?

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Who should apply?

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The MTSC program is well suited to anyone with the interest and ability to pursue a career in technical and scientific communication, regardless of undergraduate major. Among the majors that provide good preparation for the program are:

The MTSC program is open to people who have not studied deeply in science or technology. However, in order to graduate, you must possess a minimum level of technical knowledge appropriate for the career you plan. This knowledge can be achieved in your undergraduate studies or in supplementary undergraduate courses you take here at Miami.

The MTSC program is also well suited to the needs of professional technical and scientific communicators, especially those wishing to expand their career opportunities. Although some MTSC graduates will apply for entry-level positions in the profession, the program aims to help all of its graduates advance rapidly—including those who have started their careers before entering the program. The program also welcomes applications from those changing careers as well as those who would like to pursue post-graduate study in technical and scientific communication.

What are the opportunities for MTSC graduates?

There are numerous job opportunities available for MTSC graduates. Currently, there is substantial demand for people trained at the graduate level to communicate technical, scientific, and other specialized knowledge. The positions held by MTSC students and graduates reflect the many roles for which the program prepares students.

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