Fisk Lab - Teaching

Bio 209: Fundamentals of Ecology (syllabus [PDF])

This course is an introduction to the principles of general ecology and focuses on the interaction of organisms with their environment and each other. We will explore the ecology of individual organisms, the dynamics of populations and communities, and the functions of ecosystems. We will draw upon these fundamental ecological principles to analyze current environmental change issues, including questions about biodiversity, introduced species, and global climate. In addition to learning the basic concepts in ecology, students in this course are expected to develop the ability to:

Bio 438/538: Soil Ecology and Sustainable Use (syllabus [PDF])

In this course we will learn how soils form and function, and explore questions related to agricultural sustainability, soil biodiversity, water quality, and environmental change. Students in this course will:

Bio 672: Global and Ecosystem Ecology (syllabus [PDF])
(team–taught with Mike Vanni and Hank Stevens)

This course provides comprehensive coverage of ecosystem concepts and processes at scales from local patches to the global biosphere. The course encompasses the full range of the Earth’s biological diversity (plants, animals and microbes), and its ecosystems (freshwater, terrestrial, and marine). It explicitly integrates the roles of organisms into ecosystem functioning and global processes. Students will: