Fisk Lab - People

Current Lab Members

photo of Shinjini Goswami
Shinjini Goswami (
PhD student
Research interests: Nutrient cycling and tree species- specific responses in forest ecosystems

photo of Owen Patterson
Owen Patterson (
MS student
Research interests: Distributions of soil microorganisms

photo of Shan Shan
Shan Shan (
PhD student
Research interests: Nutrient co-limitation, rhizosphere processes

Lab Alumni

photo of Tera RatliffTera Ratliff (
MS thesis: Nitrogen and phosphorus interactions balance availability in northern hardwood forests
Present position: Lab manager, Center for Aquatic and Watershed Research, Miami University

photo of Kevan Minick
Kevan Minick
MS thesis: Calcium and phosphorus interact to reduce nitrogen mineralization in a northern hardwood forest
Present position: PhD student, Virginia Tech

photo of Mark Dempsey
Mark Dempsey
MS thesis: Earthworms alter the soil microbial community and increase the ratio of bacteria to fungi
Present position: Senior Research technician,agricultural sustainability, Penn State University

photo of Brendan Naples
Brendan Naples
MS thesis: Belowground insights into nutrient limitation in northern hardwood forests
Present position: US Forest Service, Juneau, AK

photo of Amy Euliss
Amy Euliss
MS thesis: Allocation and growth in Houstonia montana, an endangered forb endemic to the southern appalachians
Present position: NC DOT

photo of Celeste Fiumara
Celeste Fiumara
MS thesis: Ground beetle and litter decomposition responses to Ca restoration in a northern hardwood forest.

photo of Courtney Campany
Courtney Campany
MS thesis: Fine root and soil respiration recovery post-fire in Linville Gorge, NC
Present position: Rangeland ecologist, University of Nevada

photo of Megan Steinweg
Megan Steinweg
Undergraduate thesis: Soil freezing and soil structure in a northern hardwood forest
Present position: Post-doctoral associate, Oak Ridge National Lab

photo of Jim Sobieraj
Jim Sobieraj
Laboratory technician. Research interests: fungal communities decaying fine roots
Present position: Laboratory coordinator, Biology Department, Appalachian State University

photo of Aaron Littell
Aaron Littell
MS thesis: Fungal communities on decomposing fine roots
Present position: Catawba Community College, NC