Exotic Earthworms and North Temperate Forests

image of students coring earthworm burrowsNon-native earthworms introduced to forest ecosystems eliminate organic horizons and homogenize soil profiles through their burrowing activities. By consuming and processing annual leaf litter inputs to the soil, earthworms profoundly alter the soil environment and change the ways in which carbon and nutrients are processed. We are investigating effects of earthworm activities on the processing and retention of carbon and nitrogen in soils of hardwood forests in central New York.

We have found that, in this forest ecosystem, earthworms reduce the amount of C stored in soils but retain more N, compared to nearby earthworm-free soils. Our most recent experiments examine more specifically how earthworms influence the soil microbial community, and whether differences in the soil microbial community correspond with changes in organic carbon metabolism and the stoichiometry of the microbial biomass.

Related publications:

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image of earthworm castings