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Archives - October 8, 2008

Faculty and Students Embrace TurningPoint
Audience Response (aka “Clicker”) System

XR ClickerMiami participated in one of the largest academic rollouts of clicker technology this semester, as 3,500 students and faculty on three campuses adopted Turning Technologies' TurningPoint XR clicker technology.

For those wondering, clickers are part of an audience response system used in classes to poll students, record their responses, grade feedback, transfer graded content to Blackboard, etc. Miami University recently announced standardization on Turning Technologies' TurningPoint product paired with the XR clicker device. Support for clickers has gone well, thanks in part to the presence of a TurningPoint consultant on campus early in the semester. Miami has experienced fewer than one percent of clicker returns at the bookstore, a stellar mark.

Outdated ResponseCard RF ClickerTo ease the transition to the new clicker system, IT Services and the University Bookstore have implemented a buy-back program for older style TurningPoint clickers. The model that will be accepted for return is known as the ResponseCard RF clicker. Students will receive $10 when they return one of these clickers to the University Bookstore no later than October 17th.

Learning more about using TurningPoint:
There will be more vendor-led training sessions this semester, especially for Mac topics, so please watch for announcements. Classroom Services gives mini-workshops of TurningPoint topics as well, and these are posted in the TRAIN system under the topic “TurningPoint Training”.

Acquiring TurningPoint hardware and software:
In order to incorporate use of clickers in the classroom, you must have a receiver, an XR clicker and the software from Turning Technologies. The receivers are given free to faculty who adopt TurningPoint for classroom use. You will want a clicker for authoring and testing your presentations. The software is freely available from Turning Technologies and is unlocked by the receiver when it is inserted into your computer. Thirty-seat XR kits are available to those who just want to use the system for an event or two or for those who would just like to explore using TurningPoint before adopting the system. Contact Classroom Services to borrow a kit.

The Turning Technologies online store is available for purchasing clicker hardware and software directly from the vendor. Enter p1vn for the ‘School Code’ when prompted. Software-based virtual clickers that will run on smartphones and laptops, etc., are available from the Turning Technologies online store and sell for a fraction of the cost of the XR clicker.

For more information:
Contact Ricardo Maduro, of Classroom Services at 513-529-6015 or madurorr@muohio.edu for information about adopting clickers, scheduling a mini-workshop, or borrowing a clicker kit.