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Safeware Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

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What is Safeware?

What does it cost?

Protect your Investment: Unlike the Dell counterpart, an Applecare warranty does not cover accidental damage. Furthermore, the cost of repairs of Apple laptops not covered by the warranty can be very expensive.

Safeware, a leader in providing protection solutions for technology for over 30 years, offers Accidental Damage and/or Theft coverage for Apple products. By purchasing this additional coverage you can eliminate the out-of-pocket expense associated with the repair or replacement resulting from accidental damage and/or theft. For example, current non-warranty tiered pricing*

Apple out-of-warranty repair prices


Tier 4 Accidental Damage Repair

13" MacBook Pro$775
15" MacBook Pro$1260
13" Macbook Air$775

Serviceable on the Oxford campus at the IT Service Center (and get your loaner while the claim is being processed)

Coverage follows you when away from campus

* As of 1 June, 2012

Purchasing Safeware protection adds Accidental Damage Protection* to your Applecare warranty through a 3rd party insurance company (Safeware) at a reasonable price. All policies are backed by a highly rated AM Best Insurance Company.

    Safewafe ADP Coverage Estimates**


    Purchase Price

    3 yr. Accidental Damange Protection

    with theft added

    13" MacBook Pro$1,100$173$259
    15" MacBook Pro$1,700$262$394
    13" Macbook Air$950$151$225

* Optional theft protection is also available

** These prices are included only for comparison purposes. Actual price will be determined when purchasing protection with Safeware.

How to Order

Are their limitations?

  1. Identify the date you purchased your Apple laptop
  2. Locate your original receipt* and the initial purchase price of the computer (not including Applecare Warranty)
  3. Initiate a quote with Safeware and follow their process for purchasing

* Contact the bookstore at 513-529-2634 if you have misplaced your original receipt

Yes, Safeware is insurance and not a warranty. As a result, there are some limitations:

  • Repairs may take longer than paying for Tier 4 repair service directly from Apple
  • Some repairs may require "after-market" parts, which may void your Applecare warranty
  • If the damage exceeds $1,000, a claim review must take place to determine the current value of the computer versus the repair cost
  • It is possible that your computer will have to be replaced with an equivalent refurbished or after-market laptop
  • Coverage does not include consumable items, such as the battery, cosmetic damange, or normal wear and tear.

The full details of the terms and conditions of the Safeware coverage is available on their website