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Site Licenses and Volume Purchases

Information Technology Services and other divisions participate in several University-wide or campus-wide site license and volume purchase agreements with our vendors. If the software does not require tracking, it is available from the software download page

  • Microsoft

    A core suite of Microsoft software is available to university departments and current students, faculty and staff as a result of a Microsoft Campus Agreement. Staff may purchase other Microsoft titles for university-owned computers by calling IT Services Support Desk at 529-7900. Students, faculty and staff may purchase the same suite of software. See for more information for personal and institutional purchases.

  • Apple
  • Macintosh operating system upgrade software is available for all university owned Apple computers. Software for university owned computers is available from the bookstore for a nonimal fee. Faculty and staff may purchase the same software for personal computers from the University Bookstore.

  • Adobe

    Miami University has a CLP agreement with Adobe to provide excellent pricing for institutional purchase of all Adobe software titles. Instutional software may be purchased going to the Software Store . Personal copies of the software may be purchased at the University Bookstore.

  • Statistical and Quantitative Analysis Applications-for more detailed information see Statistical and Quanititative Analysis Application

    Maple computer algebra system is available for university owned computers. This multi-platform, Multi-User Software License Agreement by Waterloo Maple Software is administered by IT Services.

    Minitab Release Windows is available for all university owned computer on all campuses.

    SAS for Windows is available for institutional computers free of charge by going to the Software Store and ordering one of four products. (Miami owned computers licenses, Altiris exempt computer licenses-$20 disk charge, copies for small research labs and registrar managed classroom licenses.) SAS for student, faculty and staff personal computers may be purchased from the University Bookstore at a cost of $40.00 for an annual license.

    SPSS for Windows and UNIX is jointly funded by IT Services and College of Arts and Science. A student faculty and Graduate Student Windows versions are available from e-academy. Go to e-academy.

  • Other Applications

  • FullShot Professional for Windows, a screenshot capture application is available for installation on all university owned and personal (Windows) computers on all campuses. Please view the installation instructions in the IT Help Knowledge Base.

    MathType is a powerful interactive tool for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing and desktop publishing documents, web pages, presentations, and for TeX & LaTeX and MathML documents. This software is only licensed for Miami University Middletown. To obtain more information about this product, call the Middletown Campus Technolgoy Services at (513)727-3356.


    Oracle relational database client software, is available from Oracle.

  • Utility Programs

    McAfee, Network Associates' Anti-Virus Protection Packages is site licensed by Miami and is available from the from the software download.


Please send comments and suggestions on site licensing and volume purchases to the IT Services Support Desk at 529-7900.