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Campus mail is a delivery service provided by Mail Services for all University departments, student organizations and Miami students for the purpose of conducting University business.  Use of campus mail services for personal reasons is strictly prohibited.  Depending upon the content of the information, departments may choose to flood the mailboxes or personally address each piece.  The guidelines for each of these services are briefly outlined below:


Flood the Mailboxes

You may send a mass mailing without individually addressing each piece for delivery to departments or residence halls on campus. Mail Services staff will place the number of flyers in each department mailbox, as specified by you, for delivery through campus mail. To request this service, please complete the Flood the Mailboxes request form, and bring it, along with your mailing, to the Mail Center, located in Wells Hall, for processing.


Addressing Guidelines for Mail


Using Mail Stop Codes (MSC)

In an effort to reduce sort time and sort errors and maximize on campus mailing efficiency, Mail Services recommends using mail stop codes for all campus and incoming correspondence. Efficient campus mail service is dependent on using the correct mail stop code in combination with department name. Absence of the MSC may delay the delivery of your mail by an extra day. To view a complete list of all mail stop codes, click here.

Addressing Requirements

The following are examples of how mail should be addressed to ensure the most efficient mailing service possible. Examples of on-campus mail address requirements for both faculty/staff and students are shown. There are also address requirements for all off-campus mailing services.

Campus mail envelopes are designed for use in on campus mailings.  The envelopes are available at the Mail Center in two sizes - large (10 X 13) and letter size (9.5 X 4.25).

Campus Mail Envelopes:

Faculty/Staff Example: First Name, Last Name, MSC, Department Name faculty example

*MSC number-Mail Stop Code will help to eliminate errors with interpretations of departments (i.e., international programs vs. international education/ ITS-international studies vs. ITS-information technology services).

Student Examples: First Name, Last Name, Residence Hall Name, Room Number student example 

 Non Campus Mail Envelopes for campus mailings:

When using non-campus mail envelopes, please remember that the address must be displayed on the front side of the mailpiece in a prominent location, along with a return address.  If the department or organization name and address are visible on the face of the mailpiece, a separate return address is not necessary.  All addresses must be clearly marked as "CAMPUS MAIL".

All campus mail pieces must be sorted and grouped by MSC/Dept name or residence hall name.  All mail addressed to regional campuses should be separated from Oxford campus mail and have full campus name indicated in the address.


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