Package Services


Location:  Wells Hall  ♦  529-9221  ♦
HOURS: Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM; Saturday 11AM to 3 PM

Packages are received from UPS, Federal Express, FedEx Ground Delivery, DHL and the US Postal Service, Monday through Friday during the academic year. Items that require a signature, such as express mail, certified or insured, or mail that is too large to place in your residence hall mailbox, such as parcels or items larger than 3” X 5”, will be delivered to the Student Package Center. Certain deliveries, however, will not be accepted at the Package Center:

  • mail for students currently living off campus
  • mail addressed to sororities suites – the package must be addressed to a student representing the sorority that lives on campus
  • mail addressed to Residence Life staff (211 Warfield)
  • parcels addressed to MU faculty and staff

For more information about mailing services, please contact the University Mail and Office Services Center at 529-9221, or email at

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