The Reinhart Reserve

A trail of diverse landscapes and habitats

Donated by Dr. and Mrs. Roy Reinhart, the Reinhart Reserve is 44.1 acres accessible from the Oxford-Milford road entrance. Trail users walk the short connector trail to the pond. The trailhead is clearly marked with a sign on the opposite side of the pond.
Parts of Reinhart are shadowed and boggy and give the impression ofone is in the Ozarks, and not Oxford, Ohio. After rains hikers may hear a soft bubbling beneaththe ground as the numerous underground caverns and springs swell with water, sometimes spouting up to an inch out of the ground like miniaure geysers.

The trail here is very windy and threads through many little valleys and ridges. Often, the trail will vary between thicket and forest rapidly.

Other areas of Reihart are beautiful open meadows where Jim Reid says hikers should keep their eyes peeled for glimpses of migratory warblers.

Damon Little once befriended a whole family of great horned owls, and has seen the owls throughout the last year.

Barred owls are also abundant on Reinhart, and hikers traversing at dusk should listen to the various hoot rhythms to determine what kind of owl they’re hearing. A barred owl usually calls to the rhythm of who cooks for you? Who cooks for you, too? Great horned owls usually offer three to eight substantial hoots.

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