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LABS 2004 now full

Thank you to all of our applicants. We're looking forward to an exciting summer! You can check out some of the lesson plans developed by LABS participants by clicking here: Lesson Plans.


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  • Knowledge

  • Content

  • Application of techniques in molecular biology and ecology

  • Collaboration in learning and research

  • Networking


The Leadership Alliance in the Biological Sciences (LABS) is a professional development program for middle- and high-school teachers in the life sciences. Each year, starting in June 2000, twenty-four teachers will participate in a year-long series of workshops on teaching science by inquiry, developing leadership skills within their school system, and using the field of conservation biology as a means to weave together all levels of biological inquiry.

The year-long program culminates with a collaboration between the students in the classrooms of the 24 teacher/participants. In this collaboration, each class will visit a local patch of forest, examine the genetics of the forest, and share this information with the 23 other classrooms in the project. The goal is to see if, and how, fragmentation and isolation from other forest patches changes the genetic structure of forests.

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This program is funded by the National Science Foundation and Miami University.


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