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Software Downloads—Windows

Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client for Windows

The Cisco VPN Client is IT Services' recommended supported solution to create a secure connection over the Internet to Miami's Campus. This software can be used on campus or off campus.

How do I determine which VPN software I should use?

  • If you are currently using a VPN and it is meeting your needs, continue using it.
  • If you are running a 64-bit operating system, use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.
  • If you are running a 64-bit operating system and require access to Banner applications, use the Cisco IPSec VPN Client version

This software is subject to Federal Export controls and cannot be distributed outside the U.S. By downloading this software you agree to abide by Federal Export laws.

Application Operating System Date Modified Size

Cisco AnyConnect
VPN Standalone Client 3.1

Windows 7 and 8 November 2012 2.9 MB
Click to Download

Cisco AnyConnect
VPN Client

Windows XP/Vista/7 * August 2009
Click to Download

Application Operating System Date Modified Size
Cisco IPSec
VPN Client
Windows 7 (64-bit)
November 2011
5.11 MB
Click to Download
Cisco IPSec
VPN Client 5.01.0600
Windows Vista/XP
August 2007
10.2 MB
Click to Download


View the Knowledge Base for detailed instructions for installing and connecting with the VPN client. These detailed instructions are to help you configure this software.

* Please review VPN Overview for specific versions supported.


Some software is limited to Miami only and will require authentication with your MUnet Password.

Note: Your MUnet Password is the same password used to login to services such as myMiami, BannerWeb, Miami Directory, E-mail, UNIXgen, netDisk, MInE and Active Directory.