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Off-Campus Housing

The University requires all new undergraduate students to live in a residence hall on campus during their first two years of study.  Upperclassmen and graduate students who will not be living on campus should arrange for their own off-campus accommodations. 

Recommended Off-Campus Housing

The university has reached referral agreements with several apartment complexes that seek to assist international students:  Oxford West Apartments, Hawk's Landing, Level 27 and The Commons.  Each complex has agreed to a number of student-friendly provisions in their leasing arrangements that we think are very helpful to international students, including the following: 

  • Nine-month leases with a summer option
  • Individual leases even on multiple-room apartments; you lease only for yourself, not for or with other students
  • No need for co-signing of leases by parents
  • Minimal furnishing of the apartment (bed, desk, chair and lamp, dining room table and chairs provided)

Additionally, the complexes have agreed that payment of a security (or damage) deposit or 'last month's rent' cannot be required prior to the commencement of the lease.  Prior to the commencement of a lease, only a reasonable and nonrefundable application fee can be charged.  Depending on the landlord's discretion, a security deposit can be required either at move-in or it can be charged over the first several months of the lease on a pro-rated basis.  The landlord may require the payment of 'last month's rent' at the beginning of the lease, but this is not a normal practice.  Paying the last month's rent at the beginning of the last month of the lease is the most common practice.

We recommend you consider the following off-campus housing options:

Additional Resources for Off-Campus Housing

To learn more about living off-campus and search for other off-campus housing options, we recommend visiting:

Tips for Off-Campus Housing

  • Shop around and compare prices.  Check to see if utilities (electricity, heat, etc.) are included in the rent.
  • Check lease duration!  If you are not going to be in Oxford for 12 months, try to find a shorter lease.  If you cannot find a shorter lease, plan to sublet (privately lease to another person) during the months you will be gone.
  • Do not sign a lease until you have inspected the specific apartment, house, or room you are considering.
  • Check to see if the deposit is refundable.
  • Check to be sure you are only responsible for your own portion of the lease (not for your roommates?).  Your roommates should sign a lease as well.
  • Negotiate the terms of the lease if you do not agree with all items.
  • Get EVERYTHING you agree upon in WRITING!
  • Read the entire lease before you sign it.  A lease is a binding legal document.
  • Follow all terms of the contract you sign. 
  • Buy Renter's or Property insurance (recommended).



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