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Visa Documents for Dependents

Those in F or J visa status who wish to bring dependents to the U.S., must make this request online at You must provide evidence that you have at least $4000 for the first dependent and $2000 for each additional dependent. 

The dependent must have the following for their visa interview:

  • Visa document for the dependent(s)
  • copy of  the visa document of the principle F-1 or J-1 holder
  • proof of finances that is listed on the visa document
  • letter from F-1 or J-1 adviser or supervisor, verifying assistantship or employment
  • proof of marriage, if for a spouse and birth certificates for the child(ren)
  • any ties to the home country (proof of property ownership, strong ties to family, proof of an authorized leave of absence from work, etc.)

Those in F-2 status can not work or go to school.   Those in J-2 status can go to school, but must apply for work authorization with the Citizenship and Immigration Service in order to be employed. Those in E-2, L-2, H-4, and TD status can go to school but can not work under any circumstances.

For information about visa documents for dependents, contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.

Certificates of Enrollment

Certificates of Enrollment are done for students who need them to defer their military duty, for money exchange, family tax purposes, etc.  Complete the request online at

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Click here on the OPT Link for more information.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Click here on the CPT Link for more information



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