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As a state-supported institution Miami University depends on funding from the State to provide a high-quality education at a relatively low cost. However, in the past fifty years the State's share of funding for Miami has fallen from just over 70% to 35%. The following graph illustrates this point:


One result of the continuing decrease in the level of State support over time has been a steadily increasing cost of tuition to attend Miami University. The pattern of increasing tuition strongly follows the pattern of decreasing support from the State of Ohio. Other effects of decreasing state support have lead to forcing Miami to cut down on possible initiatives to improve the quality of education at Miami. If the trend of decreasing State support continues to persist, Ohio risks putting in jeopardy the future of the competitiveness of Miami University.

Not only is Miami hurting from reductions in State funding, but so are the other twelve public institutions of higher education as well as the State of Ohio. Consider the following:

  • Ohio ranks 40th in the nation in public investment per full time student

  • Ohio has the 11th highest public tuition rates in the country

  • Only 17 percent of Ohio's population has earned a bachelor's degree, which makes Ohio 39th in the nation

  • 3.5% of Ohio's population between the ages of 20 and 45 have left the State in the past decade