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Supervisor Development Series

Program Overview:

The Supervisor Development Series is a curriculum-based program designed to develop the essential skills to be a successful supervisor. While completing the program, participants will develop the necessary competencies to effectively manage and lead staff in daily and long-term activities, as well as develop the skills to be a visionary and strategic manager. In addition to providing the critical skills needed to be successful at Miami, there are elements of professional development built into the series. This program is highly recommended for all supervisors, classified and unclassified. Whether you are looking to sharpen your management technique or get acclimated to our culture, this series will provide you with skills and attributes needed for success!

Staff classified as E1, E2 and F1 must receive permission from their supervisor prior to registering for the series.

This series is based on a rolling curriculum, primarily founded on Myers and Briggs work around Psychological Type. Completion of the course: MBTI: Introduction to Type is a pre-requisite for completing the following courses: Communication’s Role in Management, Change Management, and Building and Maintaining Your Team. The following courses do not require the MBTI: Introduction to Type course as a pre-requisite: Building a Reputation of Integrity, Conflict Management, Micro-Inequities, Performance Management, Lean Orientation, Budget 101 or the AMA Book Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers. The courses take place approximately every two to three weeks and the entire series takes approximately eight months to complete. There must be a minimum of ten participants registered for the course to be offered.

Please note, participants must be in attendance for the entire duration of the course, or s/he will not receive credit. If you experience a scheduling conflict, out of respect for the many individuals on the waiting list, we politely ask that you cancel your registration via TRAIN. The TRAIN registration system automatically populates the next eligible participant based on the waiting list.

Some courses may require pre-work. This information will be listed in the description section of TRAIN. If you are unable to complete the pre-work prior to the time the course is scheduled, we ask that you attend that specific course the next time it is offered. We want to ensure the most effective use of your time so you gain as much knowledge as possible from the course offerings.

Upon request, a certificate of completion will be awarded to any individual who successfully completes every cours in the series. To receive your certificate, you must request a copy via e-mail or phone. Send requests to Kristin Taylor, or 513-529-1603. Completion of these courses is not eligible for credit in the Job Enrichment Program.


Staff Development Workshops:
MBTI: Introduction to Type
Communication’s Role in Management
Conflict Management
Building a Reputation of Integrity
Performance Management
Change Management
Building and Maintaining Your Team

Skillport Budget Courses:
Planning and Preparing an Operating Budget (fin_05_a02_bs_enus)
Using Budgets for Management and Control (fin_05_a04_bs_enus)

After completion of both courses, please submit Skillport certificate to Human Resources Staff Development at 125 Staff Development Center, or


Online Courses:
Lean Orientation Learning Module (Atomic Learning)
After completion of this course, please submit certificate to Human Resources Staff Development at 125 Staff Development Center, or

*All assessment results will remain confidential, unless the individual chooses to share the results.