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Performance Management

At Miami University, we see Performance Management as a cyclical process encompassing many aspects. Our model begins with the hiring process, continues with daily performance management, and extends to yearly performance appraisals. Specifically, when making a hiring decision, managers, committees, and individuals involved in the process should consider the nine core competencies established by the university which are: Adaptability, Motivation, Professional and Self Development, Job Knowledge and Quality of Work, Stewardship, Service Orientation, Teamwork, Communication, and Inclusiveness. From there, supervisors should be managing staff’s daily performance through an effective and efficient performance management system. As a result of an effective and useful performance management system, supervisors should be able to provide factual, relevant performance assessments that help foster growth and improvement among the staff at the university. By instituting a successful performance management system based upon the nine core competencies, we are able to hire, lead, and evaluate individuals based on the same set of competencies which offers consistency and continued growth.

Human Resources Staff Development offers many courses and resources that can help aid in your successful performance management approach. Below, you will find more information on Behavior Based Interviewing, Performance Management, and the Unclassified Performance Assessment and Development Instrument. A resource for the Classified Performance Appraisal will be coming soon. *Please note, the Human Resources Staff Development team can facilitate a customized session of Behavior Based Interviewing or Performance Management to meet the demands of your business for your staff.


Behavior Based Interviewing
Behavior Based Interviewing is designed to teach participants how to identify screening competencies, effectively conduct behavioral interviews, objectively evaluate candidate responses, and avoid legal pitfalls. In addition, there is information contained in this workshop that will help you get your new employee set up for success.
In addition to the Behavior Based Interviewing course, we have prepared behavior-based interview questions that directly correlate to the nine core competencies previously mentioned. Please feel free to use these questions as you maneuver through the interviewing process.

Behavior Based Interviewing Competency Questions (pdf)


Performance Management
Performance Management is a continual process. To assist supervisors in developing a performance management system that is effective for their individual style, as well as meeting the needs of the university, Human Resources Staff Development offers a Performance Management workshop. This workshop offer participants the opportunity to understand the elements of an effective performance management system, acquire the skills to provide clear direction and give ongoing feedback for positive guidance and improvement, and develop credible measurements that impact results. This program is designed for all levels of supervisors.

Performance Management FAQ (pdf)


Unclassified Performance Assessment and Development Instrument
Recently, the university instituted a new assessment process for all unclassified staff. The assessment is based on the nine core competencies and is very comprehensive. Below you will find a link to the online training module for the new instrument. The module will provide resources to learn more about the development and the history of the new instrument. In addition, the module will explain how to access the instrument, how to complete the competencies, and how to fill in the goal setting worksheet.
As previously mentioned, an effective performance management system is key to providing staff accurate, detailed, and relevant content as part of the assessment process.

Unclassified Staff Performance Assessment & Development online learning module (video)

Forms for Academic Personnel

Forms for Department of Human Resources


Classified Performance Review
As an institution, we are committed to the continuous growth and success of our classified staff members. One way to ensure we are consistently providing our staff with meaningful, useful feedback is through our performance review process. Although this process does not replace an effective performance management system, it does support it. Below, is a link to an online learning module that will supply you with the information you need, as a supervisor, to complete an accurate and thorough evaluation for the classified staff members who report to you. In addition, this module provides insights to classified staff members regarding how to plan, prepare for, and participate in a performance review.

As previously mentioned, an effective performance management system is key to providing staff accurate, detailed, and relevant content as part of the performance evaluation process.

Supervisors Guide To Conducting Effective Performance Reviews (video)

An Employee's Guide: How to Participate and Get the Most Out of Your Performance Review (video)