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Vacation & Sick Leave

Contact-Classified and Unclassified Staff

Lisa Riendeau

Contact-Faculty and Academic Unclassified Staff

Academic Personnel Services

Individuals with prior Ohio Public Service may be eligible to transfer unused sick leave from their prior public employer to Miami University by calling Human Resources at 513-529-9565 or Academic Personnel Services at 513-529-6724 (for faculty and academic administrative).

Unclassified and Faculty

Each full-time unclassified administrative or instructional staff member earns 15 days of sick leave per contract year. This leave entitlement may be used for authorized absence from regular duties because of illness, injury, pregnancy, exposure to contagious disease, or family health situations requiring attendance of the employee, health care appointments, or death in the immediate family.

Full-time administrative staff with 10, 11 or 12 month appointments earn vacation as follows:

10 month contract 18 days per fiscal year
11 month contract 20 days per fiscal year
12 month contract 22 days per fiscal year

The University fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30.

Faculty do not earn vacation, but are not required to work during the University break periods that fall within the term of their academic-year appointment (Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks).

Coaches, trainers, and equipment managers, in lieu of vacation, are entitled to 22 noncontract days per fiscal year as approved by their supervisor.

Classified-SATSS and AFSCME

All SATSS and AFSCME staff earn sick leave at a rate of 4.6 hours for every 80-hour pay period for which pay is received.

Vacation is accrued on a pro-rated basis based upon hours reported and years of service.

Length of Service

0-6 years
7-13 years
14-23 years
24+ years

Annual Accrual

2 weeks (80 work hours)
3 weeks (120 work hours)
4 weeks (160 work hours)
5 weeks (200 work hours)

Pay Period Accrual

3.1 hours (per 80 hrs reported)
4.6 hours (per 80 hrs reported)
6.2 hours (per 80 hrs reported)
7.7 hours (per 80 hrs reported)