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Information for New Hires

Employees appointed to a benefit-eligible position are eligible for Miami's benefits beginning the first of the month following their first day of employment/eligibility or immediately if the first day of work is the first day of the month.

Forms You May Need

Spouse Health Coverage
Required if you are covering a spouse under your health plan. Not required for dental and vsion coverage only.

Health Plan Waiver
Required when Miami's health plan is waived/declined.

HSA Certification
Required by the IRS if you enroll in the high deductible health plan (HDHP). No money can be deposited into your HSA until this form is submitted and you are found eligible for the HSA.

Retirement Plan Election
Required when electing an alternative retirement plan (ARP). Must be submitted to the Benefits office within 31 days of hire.

Default Benefit Elections
New Hire Online Enrollment Instructions

If you do not enroll within the 31-day period, you will be enrolled in the following default plans.

If waiving/declining health coverage, you must complete the Health Plan Waiver to demonstrate coverage under another health plan or will be enrolled in the default health plan.

Health Coverage: PPO Plan single coverage; premiums will be deducted each pay beginning on the first pay of the month in which the benefits are effective. To determine the premium, please use the premium calculator.

Basic Life Insurance: coverage equal to 2x annual salary provided at no cost.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: coverage equal to 2x annual salary provided at no cost.

Long-Term Disability Insurance: provided at no cost.

During the annual open enrollment period (generally October each year), employees can change their elections. Current elections will continue to the next calendar year if open enrollment elections are not submitted, with the exception of the flexible spending accounts and the health savings account contribution. Employees must re-enroll in these plans each year. 






You've just been offered a position at Miami. What should you do now?

  1. Review all materials emailed to you.
  2. Send an acceptance letter confirming your official start date.
  3. Watch for an invitation to a New Employee Orientation session via email from an HR Benefits representative.

You've accepted a position at Miami. What should you do now?

Prior to or on your first day of employment:

  1. Bring the appropriate identification to complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form to the appropriate personnel office (Human Resources or Academic Personnel Services). Acceptable documents to complete the I-9.
  2. Obtain a temporary parking permit and register for a parking permit. You will need to know the license plate number, make, model and color of your vehicle.

During your first week of employment:

  1. Visit the Campus Avenue Building to obtain your staff ID card.  The ID office will take your photo.
  2. Attend your New Employee Orientation session as scheduled.
  3. What you need to bring to the Orientation session:
    - Your bank account information (routing number and account number) to set up direct deposit of paycheck.
    -For benefit-eligible employees only: Documentation (acceptable documents) verifying dependent eligibility for insurance coverage, including the the completed Spouse/Partner Certification.

New Hire Orientation

All New Employee Orientation sessions will be conducted on Mondays. Should Monday be a paid holiday, the session will be conducted on Tuesday of that week.

At this session, you will complete all necessary forms for payroll and benefits (if eligible) and will be introduced to miscellaneous University policies and procedures.

Prior Ohio Public Service

Individuals with prior Ohio Public Service may be eligible to transfer unused sick leave from their prior public employer to Miami University by submitting the request form for classified and unclassifed staff, or by contacting Academic Personnel Services at 513-529-6724 (for faculty and academic administrative).

During the first 30 days of employment:

The Office of Equity and Equal Opportunity requires online training. This training presents what every staff person should know about preventing Sexual Harassment and Discrimination.

If you do not successfully complete the training within 30 days after receiving the links to the training, your employment offer is withdrawn and your appointment is automatically terminated.