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Job Enrichment FAQ's


1. What are the eligibilty requirements to participate in the Job Enrichment Program?
During the first year of employment, all employees must complete the required training program set by respective departments. This training is ineligible for Job Enrichment credit, however must be completed to apply for the Job Enrichment program.You must have met all performance standards. A written disciplinary notice will disqualify an employee for 1 year. A suspension will disqualify an employee for 2 years. During this time an employee may not take courses for job enrichment purposes.You must have earned a high school diploma or GED to receive a PIP. Employees who have not completed their high school diploma or GED may earn up to 3 bonuses.

2. What is the role of the supervisor in the Job Enrichment Program?

Your supervisor will provide input into your training needs and must approve your application for the program. Additionally, no one may attend any events during their scheduled work time without supervisor approval. Supervisors are required to meet the business needs of the university first, and release people for other opportunities as time allows. Under no circumstance will a supervisor release an employee for more than 20 hours of development time per fiscal year.

3. What are Development Hours?

Development Hours would include any job enrichment related development that is acquired/attended during working hours. 

4. How does an employee get into the Job Enrichment program?

An employee must submit an online application to be admitted into the program.

5. Are all trainings/courses eligible for job enrichment credit?

No, Job Enrichment will be curriculum based with set courses to complete. Courses/trainings/classes/workshops not on the pre-approved list must be approved by your Job Enrichment Administrator prior to enrolling in the course. No approvals will be considered after an event has already begun.

6. Are employees required to take tests to prove they’ve learned the materials presented in a training/course/workshop?

Employees are accountable for their learning. Various evaluation methods may be used to determine whether or not the employee has “passed” the course. Some methods include testing of a new skill, development of a project or feedback on the course. Employees will be required to demonstrate their proficiency prior to points being awarded.

7. How long are points valid towards completing an award?
It is important that skills are current. Therefore, points that you earn toward a PIP will expire after three years. Points earned toward an Advanced Component award will expire after two years.

8. Is there any way to earn points besides participating in job enrichment programming or approved college coursework?

No, historically some employees received job enrichment points per year associated with longevity. That practice will be discontinued. Special projects will no longer be eligible for job enrichment points. Workshops associated with conferences may qualify for job enrichment credit if they are pre-approved by the appropriate job enrichment program administrator and the employee presents a clear plan regarding how they will be accountable for the knowledge.

9. How do I receive credit for courses I have completed?

For each course that you complete for job enrichment credit, you will need to submit a Job Enrichment Program Point Reporting Form. These must be filled out and signed by you and your supervisor, and accompany any additional paperwork (certificates, grades, etc).

10. What if I am in an apprenticeship program?

Please refer to the apprentice section of the Miami University Job Enrichment Guidelines.