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Job Enrichment Forms and Curriculums








Accounting Assistant

Accounting Associate

Accounting Technician

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Associate

Assistant Manager Trades Shop

Bookstore Manager

Building and Grounds Assistant - Dining (HDRBS)

Building and Grounds Assistant - Grounds (PFD)

Building and Grounds Assistant - Building/Custodial (PFD/HDRBS)

Building and Grounds Coordinator (PFD)

Building and Grounds Coordinator - Service (HDRBS)

Building and Grounds Manager (PFD)

Building and Grounds Manager (HDRBS)

Building and Grounds Specialist

Building and Grounds Supervisor

Building and Grounds Technician


Clerical Assistant

Copy/Printing Coordinator

Copy/Printing Services Supervisor

Customer Services Assistant

Customer Services Coordinator Dining (HDRBS)

Customer Services Coordinator (HDRBS)

Customer Services Coordinator (PFD)

Customer Services Specialist - Service (HDRBS)

Customer Services Specialist - Maintenance (PFD)

Emergency Dispatcher

Food Production Leader

Food Service Assistant:

Food Service Assistant

Assistant Cook

Assistant Baker

Food Service Operations Coordinator

Food Service Specialist

Food Service Supervisor

Horse Groom


Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory Coordinator

Library Assistant

Library Associate

Library Technician

Licensed Practical Nurse

Maintenance Planning Specialist

Maintenance Repair Technician - Maintenance (PFD)

Master Trades Specialist

Materials Handling Assistant

Materials Handling Technician

Medical Assistant

Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Records Clerk

Medical Technologist

Network Infrastructure Technician









Nurse Supervisor

Parking Technician

Personnel Associate

Personnel Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Physical Facilities Manager

Program Assistant

Program Associate

Program Clerk

Purchasing Assistant

Sales Clerk

Science Stores Specialist

Senior Accounting Assistant

Senior Accounting Technician

Senior Building and Grounds Assistant (PFD)

Senior Building and Grounds Assistant (HDRBS)

Senior Building and Grounds Manager (HDRBS)

Senior Building and Grounds Specialist

Senior Building and Grounds Supervisor (PFD)

Senior Building and Grounds Supervisor (HDRBS)

Senior Clerical Assistant

Senior Food Service Assistant:



Senior Cook

Senior Baker

Senior Library Assistant

Senior Library Technician

Senior Maintenance Repair Specialist (PFD)

Senior Maintenance Repair Technician

Senior Personnel Assistant

Senior Personnel Technician

Senior Program Assistant

Senior Student Services Assistant

Senior Student Services Associate

Senior Student Services Technician

Senior Technical Services Specialist

Stationary Engineer

Stationary Engineer Supervisor

Student Services Assistant

Student Services Associate

Student Services Technician

Supplies Assistant

Technical Services Associate

Technical Services Manager

Technical Services Specialist

Telephone Operator

Trades Assistant

Trades Specialist

Transportation Delivery Assistant (HDRBS)

Transportation Delivery Assistant (PFD)

Transportation Delivery Specialist

Utility Systems Maintenance Specialist

X-Ray Technician