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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

What is it ? Who does it affect? What's the timeline?
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Since the passage of House Bill 187, Ohio universities and colleges have had the opportunity to adopt their own civil service employment rules to better meet their employment needs. These rule changes are intended to provide greater effectiveness and efficiency for colleges and universities and their civil service employees. 

Civil Service Reform


HireTouch APPLICANT Website

HireTouch MANAGER Website

HireTouch Instructions:

  1. Workflow approvers
  2. How do I create a new position in HireTouch?
  3. How do I request an index code change?
  4. How do I request a PRIDE award?
  5. How do I inititate an employment recommendation request?
  6. How do I review resumes and recommendations in HireTouch?
  7. Understanding your tasks as a Manager

More "How To" Instructions for HireTouch Users:

Employment and Income Verification

Today, July 1, Miami University will be using the automated employment and income verification company, JobTrax, for all employee verifications to third party verifiers.

Anytime a Miami employee needs to have their current employment and/or salary verified, the employee will direct the loan vendor or governmental agency to JobTrax, Inc . But first, the Miami employee must provide the following to the verifier:

1. Your first name, MI, last name, DOB and Employee ID.

2. The Miami University company code: 2513

3. The vendor website:

4. This final step is only needed if you are authorizing a vendor to verify your income.  You control access to your income information by providing a specific code.  The one-time use code is generated when you visit JobTrax, Inc. You then provide this code to the verifier to use. The code expires in 60 days.

Miami University's human resources, academic personnel, student employment and payroll departments will no longer handle requests for employment or income verifications.  All requests will be referred to JobTrax. Step-by-step instructions are provided in two documents below. One is for an EMPLOYEE setting up their account, verifiying their income and employment history and the other is for a THIRD PARTY VERIFIER (i.e., bank, mortgage company, housing, etc.) who is verifying the income and/or employment history of a current or former Miami employee.

JobTrax EMPLOYEE Instructions(PDF)


 If you have questions or need assistance please stop by human resources, academic personnel or payroll offices.