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Becky Dysart

Grievance Procedures:

A grievance is a request for a particular decision or action, or a request for modification of, or relief from, a decision or action previously taken.

SATSS and Unclassified Staff

A SATSS or unclassified individual who feels a grievance exists is responsible for stating the grounds upon which the request is based, and the burden of proof rests upon the complainant.

Most concerns can be resolved through discussion between the staff member and his or her supervisor. Individuals are encouraged to engage in direct consultation with each other so the problem can be resolved through conciliation, if possible.

AFSCME Employees

A grievance may also be brought by an AFSCME member with a dispute over the interpretation, application or alleged violation of the bargaining agreement.

It is the policy of Miami University to process hereunder all grievances brought to its attention by its employees who are members of the AFSCME bargaining unit.  

It is the right of every member of the bargaining unit to use the prescribed grievance machinery.

Each written grievance must state the section of the Agreement where the violation has allegedly occurred and the remedy requested to settle the grievance, as stated in Article 24B