Welcome to Employment at Miami University!

Thank you for providing the following information during your first visit to the Payroll Services Office:

All immigration documents you have in for the completion of the Foreign National

Information Form (i.e. Passport, Visa, I-20, Ds-2019, I-94, etc. 

Whenever any of this information changes, please be sure to update with Payroll Services.  This also includes:

US exit/entry dates
Any US address changes

If you are eligible for a tax treaty, you must visit Payroll Services every year to sign new treaty forms. Copies of these forms were made in Payroll Services:
In order for you to be entered into our payroll and tax systems
In order for you to be paid and have the correct taxes withheld from your pay
To provide you with treaty benefits if you are entitled to them (after obtaining and providing Miami University with your Social Security Number)

Next Steps:



Tax Filing Responsibilities


You will be required to visit Payroll Services annually to update information and sign all related tax forms each year.

Payroll Services is located in room 2, Roudebush Hall