Student-Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Miami University collects, stores, and distributes large amounts of information essential to the
performance of University business. This information represents a valuable University asset.
Although a large portion of University information is public, a significant portion of our
information is protected by state and federal laws. To comply with these laws and protect the
University community, the University has the right and obligation to protect, manage, secure, and
control information (whether in hard copy or stored as electronic data) in its possession.

I understand that as a student employee I may have access to confidential information possessed
by the University, including information about students, parents, faculty and staff. I agree to
maintain the absolute confidentiality of all such information, and I will not make public any such
information. In order to be safe, I shall assume that all University-related information I receive
during my employment is confidential unless I am told by my supervisor that certain information
is not confidential. Therefore, it is my responsibility to:

1. Protect the privacy of students, parents, faculty and staff about whom I have
2. Completely refrain from discussing matters pertaining to the office/department I am
working for with (or in the presence of) non-office persons;
3. Limit my access to confidential information to that for which I have work-related

In the event I have computer access to databases containing confidential information then the
UserID and password shall be used solely in connection with the performance of my authorized
job function. I will take all necessary steps to prevent anyone from gaining knowledge of my
password. The use of these unique codes by anyone other than me is prohibited and will be
reported to my supervisor when detected. I will sign off each time I leave the terminal to ensure
the security of my password and the information.

In the event I have a job which requires me to deal with the public (i.e., answering phones,
responding to questions, etc.) then I will discuss with my supervisor what type of information I
am permitted to provide and what type of information I should not provide.
I understand that any breach of confidentiality by me may result in student disciplinary action and
the termination of my employment. Intentional or flagrant violations may be cause for criminal
or civil sanctions.

I have read and understand this Confidentiality Agreement and agree to comply.
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