How To Fill a Vacant Student Position in HireTouch

Help Contacts Student Employment 529-8722

1. Go to .

2. Login with your Miami Unique ID and MU Net password.

3. Select Positions in the black navigation bar. Filter your search using the drop down search box at the top of the screen to search for position type.  Options include:

All Positions
Positions to Approve
My Position to Approve
Position in Progress

4. Use the Search box to find a position by Title, Budget Position Number, or Employee Name.  Select Go.

5. Select the TITLE of the position you want to change.

6. Select the red Forms tab under the position title and employee name.

7. Find Fill Vacant in the Form Name column.  In the Action column select Start to initiate a  Fill Vacant action.

 8. Complete the Position Data form as indicated. (Job description information is not stored in Banner nor was this information converted from People Admin.  This means that until it is built over time, job description information will need to be entered into HireTouch by the departmental user.)  Incumbent position information stored in Banner will automatically populate.

9. Utilize the Special Instructions field to

10. Communication additional information applicants need to know regarding the job. This free text field expands to permit data entry far
beyond the field size. 

HireTouch provides the ability for applicants to upload Required Documents and any other type of other document that they wish. 

11. Indicate documents required for the posting here.  Select the directional arrows to complete this task.

12. Utilize the “person” icon to indicate the Contact Person who will resolve issues for administrative offices.    The person’s e-mail address will populate after saving the form.

13. Enter in the ORG Code for your department

14. Under Request to Post, enter required information and utilize the space provided to indicate who can be contacted for questions about the position.

15. Select +Add to use the Position Documents feature to upload additional data.  *Please ignore  historical attachments from previous incumbents.

16. Choose the file to be uploaded from your directory.  Enter the Name, Description and Document Type and select Save.

17. Select Save and Continue.

18. The Budget Data Screen will appear next, you do not need to do anything on this screen, Student Employment will fill this information out.  Select Submit.

19. Assign Approvers based upon departmental structure.  Select the appropriate Name in the drop down.   Student Employment must be included.  Select Save.

20. Initiators must also approve entries.  Select Approvals.

21. Select Approve to approve the entry. 

22. An automated e-mail is being sent to the next Approver that there is a work Task requiring their action.

23. Select Log Out if your work is finished or select one of the tabs on the black navigation bar to continue working in HireTouch.