Quick Steps for HireTouch Online Student Employment System
How to initiate an Employment Recommendation Request
Help Contacts  Student Employment - 513-529-8722; Amy Shaiman - 513-529-4925

1. Go to https://miamioh.hiretouch.com/admin

2. Log in with your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password.

3. Select Jobs on the black navigation bar.

4. Enter the position number or other identifier in the search box.  Select “Student Positions” to narrow your search. Select Go.

5. Select the position title to open the position.

6. Review the list of applicants.  The symbols on the page identify where the specific applicant is in the process.  Hover over the symbols for brief definitions of their meanings.

A black circle indicates that the applicant has fully applied to the position.  View applicant documents by selecting the applicant name or by selecting the symbol in the Documents (DOCS) column.  Applicants enter HireTouch at a status of Dept Review.

7. Select the GREEN arrow to move activity for a specific applicant.  (You may also utilize the Bulk Action option located at the bottom of the page to change multiple applicants’ status.)

8. Select from the available applicant options.  For Students Recommend for Hire and Not Selected are the only required applicant options.

9. Select from the available applicant options – for Students, Recommend for Hire or Not Hired is all that is required.  If not determining a status for the applicant at this time leave the Applicant’s status as Submitted.  If Recommendation is selection a green arrow appears in the Recommend column.

10. Select the green arrow to complete the Recommendation Request.  Select START under the Action column for Employment Recommendation Request Student.

To the best of your knowledge, Indicate whether the student applicant has a family member working in the department or not.  See MUPIM 3.15 regarding guidelines.   

11. Input Department Comments to Student Employment.

12. Scroll down.  The remainder of this page is for Student Employment use.  Select Submit.

13. The initiator needs to assign approvers and approve the Recommendation action first – either Student Approver 1 or Student Approver 2.  From the drop down list locate your name and assign yourself as the approver.  If you are Student Approver 1, assign the Student Approver 2.  The Student Employment approver should default.   Select Save.

14. Select Approvals.

15. Select Approve to approve the entry. 

A green check mark appears in the Approved column and at the same time, an  e-mail is being sent to the next designated approver with detailed instructions to look in their TASKS on the black navigation bar to review and approve the entry.

16. Select Log Out if your work is finished or select one of the other tabs on the black navigation bar to continue working in HireTouch.