Quick Steps for HireTouch Online Student Employment System
How to Create a New Position?
Help Contacts  Student Employment - 513-529-8722; Amy Shaiman - 513-529-4925


1. Go to https://miamioh.hiretouch.com/admin

2. Log in with your Miami UniqueID and MUnet password.

3. Create a new positionwhen no position number exists. If a budget position number does exist, select the Position tab in the black navigation bar to request to Fill a Vacant Position (with or without an incumbent).To Create a New Position select the Jobs tablocated on the black navigation bar.

4. Select +Create New Position Authorization in the middle of the page.

5. Choose an appropriate Job Template to request to create a requisition.  From the drop down select the Category for Student.

6. Once a result is found select the radio button that corresponds to the job title. A Preview of the job description should appear on the right side of the screen.  If satisfied that this is the correct job, select Continue.

If necessary, change the Working Title field.  Enter any Additional Information for HR or AP users.  Select Continue. 

7. In HireTouch action triggers are set up to initiate Miami University employment procedures.  These are in Applicant Related Form Packages.  Please adhere to the instructions in Step 3.  Attach Forms to the Position Authorization and Do Not Alter This Page.  Select Continue.

8. Locate the action that you are creating and select START.

9. Fill in the form as directed.  Any sections identified with an asterisk* are required.    Enter Job Description Summary and Minimum Qualifications.

10. Complete information in the Request to Post and Budget Information section.  If desired, enter the Approximate Number of Positions, whether or not Federal Work Study is required and whether or not the Position Should be Posted Internally.  Indicate the Contact Name and Number that you would like to appear in the posting. 

11. Indicate the Proposed Index Number and Proposed Percent of Allocation for the position.  Select Add Row if additional funding lines are required.

12. Select +Add to add Position Documents.   Identify the Name of the Document, document Description, locate the file in your directory and select Document Type.  Select Save

13. Select Save and Continue.  Assign appropriate level approvers to your request including HR.