Quick Steps for HireTouch Online Student Employment System

How to Request an Index Code Change

Help Contacts: Student Employment 513-529-8722; Amy Shaiman 513-529-4925


1. Go to https://miamioh.hiretouch.com/admin.

2. Login with your Miami Unique ID and MU Net password.

3. Select Positions in the black navigation bar.

4. In the Search area, from the drop down select Student to return student positions.     

5. Select the TITLE of the position you want to change.

6. Select the red Forms tab under the Position title and employee name.

7. Find Index Code Changes - Student in the Form Name column.  In the Action column select Start to initiate an Index Code Change.

8. Complete form as directed.  You must enter your name in the Contact Person field in order to later access the action. 

9. Indicate whether or not the Index Code is a permanent change or not and list the names and Banner numbers of other Student Employees for whom the Index Code change applies.  *You may prefer to attach the list as a document later in these instructions.  Indicate the Effective Date for the change.

10. Indicate Proposed Budget changes in the fields below.   Select Add Row to add additional Index Codes (for example splitting up costs.)  Proposed Percent of Allocation must equal 100%.

11. If preferred, attach Position Documents by selecting the +Add button in the lower right corner.

12. Input the File Name and Document Type.  Select the File Upload by selecting Choose File, locate in your file directory and select Save.

13. Select Submit at the bottom of the page

14. Even the requestor needs to approve the Index Code action.  Assign appropriate Approvers for the Index Code change.  Select Save.

15.  Select Approvals.

16. Select Approve to approve the action.  A green check appears in the approval box next to your name and an automatic e-mail is being sent to the next approver to look in Tasks on the black navigation bar to complete their approval of the action. 

17. Select Logout if your work is complete or select any of the tabs to continue working in HireTouch.