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Vision Insurance

VSP Vision Insurance

VSP Provider Finder
Find a doctor in your area in the VSP network.

Through VSP Vision Care, Miami offers employees coverage for annual eye exams, glasses, and contacts and discounts for prescription sunglasses and specialty lenses.

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VSP Plan Summary
Single $7.97/month
Family $22.04/month

VSP KidsCare Plan Summary
Extra benefits for children under 12 years of age

TruHearing Program
Access to hearing aid discounts

There is no ID card issued for VSP coverage. The member's social security number and birthdate are used as identifiers.


Whom can I cover on my insurance plans and what documentation do I need?
Eligible Dependent Documentation

When and how can I make changes to my coverage?Qualifying Events


Your Eye Exam Benefit Through Your Health Plan

If you have health coverage through Miami's Traditional PPO or HDHP plan, you are covered for a routine eye exam once per year with a network provider paid at 100% through our medical plan.

Our health plan has no coverage for glasses or contacts.

You may have your eye exam with an in-network health provider, and use your VSP benefit for the purchase of glasses or contacts.