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Tuition Fee Waiver
MUPIM Section 4.10

Electronic Tuition Fee Waiver Request
Available via BannerWeb/Employee Services Online

Miami Retirees Only: Please use the online fee waiver certification.

Tuition Fee Waiver Request Instructions

  1. Log into MyMiami using your unique ID and password
  2. Click on BannerWeb
  3. Click on Employee Services Online
  4. Click on Tuition Fee Waiver
  5. To request a waiver:
    1. Select the recipient using the drop-down arrow
      -If the recipient is listed on this screen, do not add them again
      -To update the recipient’s information, click on the name and enter the missing information.
      -If the recipient is not listed on this screen, click the Add a Recipient link to add the person.
      -A Banner ID number is required for all recipients.
    2. Select the academic year using the drop-down arrow. Please note that the academic year includes fall, winter, spring and summer.
    3. Click Submit Request
    4. The next screen will indicate the status of the waiver. If approved, no further action is required. If pending, the screen will display the required action to complete the request.
      If the recipient is a dependent child, you must submit the Dependent Certification form online within BannerWeb to complete the request.

Contact Sherry Schilling at 513-529-2148 or if you have any questions or problems.

Once you have applied online for the fee waiver for a dependent child, you must complete the Dependent Certification online.

HR Benefits will review your information and make a determination regarding your eligibility and notify the Office of the Bursar.

A tuition fee waiver will cover an entire academic year (fall through summer) as long as you and your dependents continue to be eligible.

Graduate course tuition in excess of $5,250 may be taxable to you. Please refer to IRS publication 970 for additional information.