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Dental Coverage

Delta Dental
Delta Preferred Option (Point of Service)
Group Number 7188

Find a dentist in the network. Be sure to search both the PPO and the Premier networks!

Miami offers two levels of dental coverage. The Basic Plan with a $1000 annual per person limit and the Enhanced Plan with a $1500 annual per person limit. Both plans cover preventive services twice per year at 100%.

Delta Dental Plan Summaries

These are summaries of your dental plan options. Please see the Delta Dental Certificate below or contact Delta Dental for more details.

Basic Plan (7188-3000)
Single Basic $4.00/month
Family Basic $14.84/month

Enhanced Plan (7188-4000)
Single Enhanced $10.52/month
Family Enhanced $32.80month

Delta Dental Certificate
Notice of Privacy Practices
Delta Dental Member Reference Card

There is no ID card issued for dental coverage. The member's social security number and birthdate are used as identifiers.

The University's group number is:

7188-3000 if you are on the basic plan or
7188-4000 if you are on the enhanced plan

Use a dentist in the Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premiere network for the lowest cost.


Whom can I cover on my insurance plans and what documentation do I need?
Eligible Dependent Documentation

When and how can I make changes to my coverage?
Qualifying Events