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Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program

To verify that you received the discount for 2016, check your pay stub early! If you did not receive the discount, check your Healthy Miami account to see which point(s) you are missing before contacting the Cerner Wellness support team at 888-252-8150 to find out why you did not get the discount.

The program offers employees & spouses, covered under Miami's health plan, to receive discounted health premiums each year by completing specific healthy steps.

Premium Discount Program Details


Staff appointed to a position working at least 30 hours per week and more than 4 months per year or faculty hired for more than one semester at .75 FTE are eligible for Miami's benefits beginning the first of the month following their first day of employment/eligibility or immediately if the first day of eligibility is the first day of the month.

An employee has 31 days from his/her date of employment/eligibility to make enrollment decisions using the BannerWeb Employee Services Online New Hire Benefit Enrollment portal.

Default Benefit Elections

If an employee has not enrolled within the 31-day period, he/she will be enrolled in the following default plans.

If waiving/declining health coverage, the employee must demonstrate coverage under another health plan or will be enrolled in the default health plan.

Health Coverage: PPO Plan single coverage;
premiums will be deducted each pay beginning on the first pay of the month in which the benefits are effective. To determine the premium, please use the premium calculator.

Basic Life Insurance: coverage equal to 2x annual salary provided at no cost.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: coverage equal to 2x annual salary provided at no cost.

Long-Term Disability Insurance: provided at no cost.

During the annual open enrollment period (generally October each year), employees can change their elections. Current elections will continue to the next calendar year if open enrollment elections are not submitted, with the exception of the flexible spending accounts and the health savings account contribution. Employees must re-enroll in these plans each year. 

Dental Insurance
Health Insurance
Vision Insurance

Life Insurance
Group Life and Accidental Death Insurance &
Voluntary Life and Accidental Death Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance

Alternative Retirement Plan &
Supplemental Retirement Program

Other Benefits
Employee Assistance Programs
Flexible Spending Accounts
Health Savings Account (with the HDHP)
Tuition Fee Waiver
Employee Entertainment Discounts


The Healthy Miami program is Miami's commitment to creating a supportive culture of health and wellness on campus through comprehensive benefits and wellness programs in partnership with TriHealth, Cerner Wellness, and UnitedHealthcare. All employees (except students and GAs) have access to nutrition and exercise information, fitness classes and workshops, personal health coaching and smoking cessation programs.

Biometric Health Screenings

Blood Pressure Screenings

Diabetes Half Day of Health (TBD)

Events and Challenges

Financial Wellness

Fitness Centers/Classes/Workshops

Health Coaching

Mobile Mammography


Seasonal Flu Shots Schedule

Stress Management Workshop

How to Quit-Tobacco Cessation

Miami Health Services Center

Miami Health Services Center
9:30am - 6:00pm, M-F
Appointments are encouraged, but not required. Call 513-529-3000
Miami faculty/staff ID or Health ID card required.

Faculty/Staff Blood Drive

Next Scheduled Blood Drive
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
9 am - 3 pm
Shriver Center Heritage Room

Mothers Nursing Rooms


Whom can I cover on my insurance plans and what documentation do I need?
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