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Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program

The Premium Discount Program is available to benefit-eligible employees and their spouse covered under Miami's health plan. Completing program requirements every calendar year allows the employee to qualify for health premium discounts for the following calendar year.

Employees(and covered spouse) hired, or becoming benefit-eligible, on or after January 1 of the current year, automatically receive the discount for the current year, but must complete the program in the current year for the discount in the following year.

Employees (and covered spouse) hired, or becoming benefit-eligible, on or after July 1 of each year will automatically receive the discount for the following year.

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Employees and spouses enrolled in Miami University's healthcare plan are eligible to receive a premium discount.  Individuals that cannot complete the base steps may have their physician submit a Medical Exemption (PDF) to qualify for a portion of the premium discount. Please contact Benefits & Wellness at 513-529-3492 if you have any questions regarding the Medical Exemption.


Requirements by Gender & Age
(Age is as of December 31, 2016)
Female Under Age 40
Female Age 40-49
Female Age 50 and over
Male Under Age 50
Male Age 50 and over









Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wait an entire year (365 days) before having my next biometric health screening or my mammogram done?

No. Miami’s plan covers preventive screenings once per calendar year. So, even if you had your last screening on October 28, 2015, you can have it done this calendar year at any time and it will be covered as preventive.

What if I already regularly have my blood drawn by my physician or a specialist on a routine basis?

The Biometric Health Screening form (PDF) can be used in this case.  You complete the first section and your physician completes the Clinical Lab Values section. You then submit the form to TriHealth as directed on the form by November 15, 2016.

What if I can’t complete a requirement for medical reasons?

If you or your spouse are unable to complete a step because your physician has advised against doing so, have your physician complete the Medical Exemption form found in your Healthy Miami account or in the HR Forms Library on the left. The Medical Exemption (PDF) does not apply to the Tobacco Free Certification.

Once I have completed a step, how long will it take before a point is uploaded into my Healthy Miami account?

1. PCP visit and preventive screening points will be uploaded based on the process time of your claim. It may take up to 3 months for these points from UMR to show up in your account. Make sure you complete the Health Plan Provider Consent in your Healthy Miami account as soon as possible so that UMR has permission to upload your points.

2. Tobacco Free Certification point will be uploaded at the end of the month in which the certification has been completed or the Miami-approved tobacco cessation class has been completed.

3. Biometric Health Screening point will be uploaded at the end of the month in which it was completed, or the following month, depending on how late in the month it is completed.

4. Health Plan Provider Consent point will be uploaded at the end of the month in which it was completed.

5. Personal Health Assessment point will be uploaded immediately upon completion.


How do I check my points?

  1. Log in to your Healthy Miami Account.
  2. Click on "My Points" on the left side of the page.
  3. Scroll to the “My Incentive Points” section to view your points.

If you have any questions, please call the Cerner Wellness support team at 1-888-252-8150 (Available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year).

NOTE: Beginning February 1, 2016 your Healthy Miami account will reflect 2016 activities. To view past years points select the appropriate year from the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner of the Incentive Summary page.

Do I need this form?Forms can be found in your Healthy Miami account or by clicking after the form title below.

If you need a 2015 form, call 529-3492.

Proof of Alternate Care Form (PDF)
You will use this form if you completed one or more of the preventive screenings within the required timeframe before being covered under Miami’s UMR plan, or if you completed a preventive screening but the claim was not filed with UMR.

Medical Exemption Form (PDF)
You will use this form if your physician has deemed it medically inadvisable to complete one of the steps.

Biometric Health Screening Form (PDF)
You will use this form only when working through your physician for your biometric health screening or for your colon health kit as an alternative to a Miami-sponsored screening.


Glossary of Terms
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