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Human Resources Forms Library

NOTE: **The Classified Performance Report displays an error "This operation is not permitted" in Chrome and/or Internet Explorer. Click OK. The message may pop up a second time, click OK and continue using the online form.

*Please note that some of the HR forms are now online only forms.

Address Change
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HSA Contribution Change 2017*
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Pride Award
HireTouch Instructions

AFSCME Working out of Band
(PDF 22KB)

HSA Eligibility Certification 2017*
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Reprimand Letter
(docx 18KB)

ARP Vendor Change*
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IC Agreement Non-Academic Div

Request to Perform Outside Service
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Beneficiary Change Form
(PDF 1.02MB)

Impairment Checklist
(HTML webpage)

Request to Transfer Ohio Public Service*
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Cellular Service Stipend Request
(PDF 34KB)

Incident Report-Employee
(PDF 1.55MB)

Resignation Notice*
(Go to Form)

Classified Performance Report**
(PDF 541KB)

Job Enrichment Course Approval

Retirement Plan Election
(New employees only)
(PDF 199KB)

Classified Self Evaluation
(PDF 37KB)

Job Questionnaire (Job Audit)
(PDF 754KB)

Special Payroll
(PDF 278KB)

Coaching Letter
(docx 13KB)

Leave Request for Classified Staff
(PDF 56KB)

Spouse Health Coverage
(Go to Form)

Coverage Change Form*
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Marital Status Change
(PDF 14KB)

Tuition Fee Waiver
(Retiree ONLY Request*)
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Dispute Resolution

Name Change-Legal*
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Unclassified Evaluation-Academic
(xlsx 78KB)

FMLA Request Form*
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Non-Exempt Time Sheet (full time)
(xlxs 27KB)

Unclassified Professional Development Plan**

Health Plan Waiver*
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Non-Exempt Time Sheet (part time)
(xlt 27KB)

Unclassified Evaluation-Alternative
(PDF 353KB)

Healthy Miami Alternate Care
(PDF 47KB)

OPERS Independent Contractor

Voluntary Life insurance Change*
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Healthy Miami Medical Exemption
(PDF 61KB)

Parental Leave Request*
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Winter Snow Removal Restrictions
(PDF 67KB)

Healthy Miami Biometric Screening
(PDF 91KB)