Memory and Culture:

Engaged Scholarship, Multidisciplinary Connections, and the Public Humanities

Helen Sheumaker and Steven Norris, Altman Fellows


“Memory and Culture” explores issues including social memory, representation, the construction of knowledge and rhetorical space, and how museums grapple with controversial and traumatic events. We will study the practice of museology as it relates to public humanities, with attention paid to issues of representation, the construction of knowledge, and the constitution of new rhetorical spaces.  Students will also gain hands-on skills by contributing to the conference.  The program will culminate with a speaker series on topics such as the role of museums, historical controversies, the experiences of subaltern groups, and building collaborative relationships.   Case studies might include the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian, the Eiteljorg Museum, and the Gettysburg American Civil War Museum.  To take advantage of new technologies and reach a broader audience, we will explore the possibility of launching a simultaneous Webcast of the conference.  In addition, we anticipate that a co-edited volume published with a major university press will serve as the major scholarly outcome of this project.  






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