The Altman Fellows Program is the largest program of the Miami University Humanities Center.  Its goal is to foster collaboration, pedagogical innovation, and new research across and beyond the humanities at Miami.

Each year, the Humanities Center Steering Committee selects a team of two Altman Fellows to plan a program of interdisciplinary collaborative inquiry into a topic of their own design.  Participants selected and program elements are planned in the year prior to the program.  Working with the Steering Committee, the Altman Fellows assemble a team of six to ten Altman Faculty Scholars and six or more Graduate and Undergraduate Fellows to join them in an interdsciplinary seminar the following year.  The Altman Fellows also work with the Director and Steering Committee to plan a substantial program of public events, including distinguished lectures, a symposium, and other events.  The program includes a faculty seminar, which meets roughly five times per semester; a new upper-division course on the annual theme, team-taught by faculty fellows; an undergraduate fellows initiative, designed to promote excellence in undergraduate research; and a substantial program of public events.  Public events are entirely supported with Humanities Center funding and typically include distinguished lectures, works-in-progress talks, and a major symposium or conference.  Past programs include “Memory and Culture” (2009-2011), “Networked Environments” (2011-2012), “The Human and the Nonhuman” (2012-13), “Globalization and Belonging” (2013-14)“The Anthropocene: A New Era in Human-Environment Relations” (2014-15), “The Senses” (2015-16), and “Medicine and Humanities” (2016-2017).  The current program is “Urban Futures.”

Altman Fellows receive a half-time teaching load during the program year and devote the rest of their time to event planning, Humanities Center outreach activities, and independent research.  The Humanities Center supports this teaching release by providing replacement salary (plus benefits) to the Fellow’s home department or program.  Each Altman Fellow also receives a professional expenses fund of $2,500. 



  • Work with the Humanities Center Steering Committee to recruit and select a diverse group of Altman Faculty Scholars and Altman Student Fellows who will enhance the program.
  • During the spring of the application year and the summer prior to the fellowship year, work with the Humanities Center Director to plan the Altman program, including the faculty seminar; a program of visiting lectures, symposia, workshops, and other intellectual events; and a new advanced undergraduate course related to the program.  Fellows team-teach this course during the fellowship year as part of (not in addition to) their half-time teaching load.
  • During the year of the fellowship, team-teach the undergraduate course, run the faculty seminar, continue to assist with public programming, and serve on the Humanities Center Steering Committee.
  • Offer a public lecture or performance to the university community.  This presentation may occur during a program symposium or conference with other speakers.
  • Help supervise the research and public humanities projects of the Altman Undergraduate Fellows. 



Applicant teams, consisting of tenure-line faculty, should represent different humanities disciplines and should explain how their proposed topic will interface with the larger humanities community or the university.  Applications of up to 3 single-spaced pages should sketch the following:

1) key intellectual questions of the proposed topic, their contemporary public relevance, and their appeal across diverse disciplines or publics;
2) possible features or initiatives of the proposed program, including possible visiting speakers and/or other special opportunties, events, or structures; 
3) the applicants’ qualifications, including past, ongoing or proposed research, whether individual or collaborative;
4) broad details of the proposed Altman undergraduate course;
5) a list of Miami faculty, working in and beyond the humanities, whose work might intersect with the topic and who might be consider an application.  It is not necessary to contact or recruit faculty, only to demonstrate that the topic will attract a critical mass of participants.

Applicants are encouraged to review details of previous programs, but also to propose new ideas.  The Altman Program is intended to encourage creativity and need not replicate previous programs in its structure.  Junior faculty should briefly address potential concerns that the program could slow their progress toward tenure.  Interested faculty are strongly encouraged to meet with Tim Melley, Director of the Humanities Center (, to discuss their ideas for the program.  Applications should be submitted to

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATONS: Friday, November 17, 2017

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