The Altman Graduate Fellowship permits a graduate student to join our Altman Program faculty research group—ten professors and six or more undergraduate and graduate students from a range of academic disciplines.  Each year, this group studies an issue of consequence through a special faculty seminar and a series of public lectures, conferences, and other events.  Two Altman Faculty Fellows also teach a special 400-level course related to the topic of the Altman Program, and the program often includes other courses, symposia, exhibits or performances. 

The Altman Undergraduate Fellows and the Altman Graduate Fellow are invited to be guests in the faculty research seminar and are expected to engage in research and study related to the theme of the Altman Program. 

The primary benefit of the program is the opportunity to participate in an interdisciplinary faculty seminar on a cutting-edge topic in the humanities.  The Altman Graduate Fellowship also comes with a $500 professional expenses account for items such as books, travel, or research needs as defined by Miami University policy.

The Altman Graduate Fellow is expected to act as an informal advisor to the Altman Undergraduate Fellows and to see that their experience in the program is meaningful.  This duty involves coordinating occasional meetings or activities, providing occasional advice about undergraduate research projects, and helping undergraduate fellows get a sense of the nature and challenges of graduate study.  The Altman Graduate Fellow also occasionally assists with public events and distinguished visitors.  This year, for example, the Graduate Fellow supervised Undergraduate Fellows while they interviewed visiting speakers and edited these interviews for our website.  The goal of the program is to connect successful graduate students and ambitious undergraduates in a collaboration that fosters independent inquiry, creates opportunities for collaboration, and nurtures a new generation of outstanding humanities scholars and leaders.  

Application is simple. Send a one-page statement describing your interest and qualifications for the program, along with a c.v., to  Letters of reference are not needed, but please indicate faculty who are currently directing your study or who could speak about your work, if asked.  Please write “Altman Graduate Fellow Application” in the subject box of your email.  Applications are due by midnight, Sunday, March 5, 2017.