Working Papers: Author Index

Through conferences and special events at Miami University, The Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies has been able to create an archive of working papers. Please use this page to navigate through our intensive listing of papers dating back to March 22, 2001.


Anemone, Tony,

Freaks, Killers & Real Men: The Cult of the Outsider in Aleksey Balabanov's Films

Antonova, Clementa, Oxford University

The Reception of Florensky's Works in Russian and Soviet Scholarship

Argenbright, Robert, Miami University

Moscow's Relic Spaces: Where Redevelopment Bogs Down


Babiracki, Patryk, Johns Hopkins University

Explaining the Empire: The Soviet Press Politics in Poland, 1945-1960

Basilov, Yuri, European University

Concept of Eurasia within the Intellectual Culture of Russian Empire

Barenberg, Alan, Texas Tech University

Resistance and the Everyday: Reconsidering the Vorkuta Prisoner Strike of 1953

Bashkuev, Vsevolod, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

“Based Upon Deeply Rooted Hostile Views…”: Anti-Soviet Sentiments and Resistance among the Special Settlers in Buryat-Mongolia, 1940s-1950s

Beers, Daniel, Indiana University-Bloomington

The Rule of Norms: Examining the Institutional Culture of the Judiciary in Romania and the Czech Republic

Bell, Wilson, Dickinson College

Sex and Soviet Power in the Gulag in Western Siberia

Beukian, Sevan Beurki, University of Alberta

The Politicization and Revival of Nationalist Movements in the 1980s Soviet Union: A Glance at the Caucasus Region

Bickford, Andrew, University of California, Berkeley

Life in the Veterans' Group: East German Army Officers, the Military & Citizenship in the New German State

Blavascunas, Eunice, University of Washington

Youthful Struggles and Time Lags in the Forested Belarusian/Polish Borderland

Bogdanova, Lena, European University, St. Petersburg

Soviet Complaints Practices in Modern Russia: Transformations in Legal Relations (beginning in the 1960s)

Bradatan, Cristina, Pennsylvania State University

Bradatan, Costica, Miami University

Brandenberger, David, Harvard University

Breyfogle, Nicholas, Ohio State University

Living Empire: Understanding Multiethnic Eurasia in the Modern Era

Brudny, Yitzhak, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Democracy and Identity in Post-Soviet Russia

Brumberg, Abraham, editor emeritus of Problems of Communism

Brumfield, William Craft, Tulane University

Brzozowska, Anna, Central European University

Buckler, Julie, Harvard University

Burleigh-Motley, Marian, Curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Tchaikovsky's St. Petersburg in Art and Architecture


Campbell, Craig, University of Alberta

Evenki Nomads of the Siberian Taiga

Cash, Jennifer, Indiana University-Bloomington

The Social Role of Art and Artists in Post-Soviet Moldova: Cultural Policy, Institutional Reform, and Europeanization

Cermanova, Eva, Indiana University

The Radical Catholocism of Vaclav Benda: An Enfant Terrible of Czech Dissedence

Chelova, Mariya , Humboldt University

Making Sense of the History: How pre-Soviet Legacies Contributed to the Collapse of the USSR

Ciobanu, Monica, SUNY-Plattsburgh

Criminalizing the Past and Re-constructing Collective Memory: The Romanian Truth Commission

Clement, Victoria, University of Western Carolina

Pages from the Periphery: Turkmen Literacy at the Intersection of Muslim and Socialist Modernities, 1904-1928

Craiutu, Aurelian, Indiana University

Democracy and Philosophy in Eastern Europe: A Tocquevillian Perspective


Dawisha, Karen, Director, Havighurst Center, Miami University

Dawisha, Karen, Director, Havighurst Center, Miami University

Political Learning in Postcommunist Elections

DeJong-Lambert, William, CUNY

Dergatcheva, Anna, History, Central European University

Dickinson, Jennifer, University of Vermont

Domber, Gregory, University of North Florida

Draskoczy, Julie, University of Pittsburgh

The Put’ of Perekovka: Transforming Lives at Stalin’s White-Baltic Sea Canal

Dunlop, John, Stanford University

    Putin as a Statebuilder


Epstein, Mikhail, Emory University

    The Platonic Drama of Russian Thought: Ideas Against Ideocracy

Ermolaeva, Oxana, State University Higher School of Economics, Russia

Making a Career in the GULAG: Square Dance with the Devil or a Normal Feature of Soviet Life?


Fierman, William, Indiana University

Thirty-five Years of Observing Eurasia: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same?

Fox, Pamela, Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Miami University

    Tchaikovsky in America

Friedman, Leonid, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Moscow State University


Gaidar, Yegor, former Prime Minister of Russia

Gaidar, Yegor, former Prime Minister of Russia

    Ten Years of Transition in Russia: Political and Economic Challenges

Maria Galmarini, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Defending the Rights of Gulag Prisoners: The Story of the Political Red Cross between 1918 and 1938

Galtz, Roz, Miami University

Gasparov, Boris, Columbia University

Georgiadis, George, Cambridge University

Glebov, Sergei , Smith College

Godeanu, Oana , Miami University

Golovnev, Andrei, Institute of History and Archaeology, Ekaterinaburg

Russia in the Circumpolar North: An Overview

Goscilo, Helena, University of Pittsburgh

Graffey, Julian, University College London, SSEES

Grdesic, Marko , University of Wisconsin, Madison

Gregory, Paul R., University of Houston

Grigar, Ewa, School of the Art Institute

Grintser, Nikolai, The Russian University for the Humanities, Moscow

Gvozdeva, Elena, Russian Academy of Sciences

Guchinov, Elza-Bair, Russian Academy of Sciences

Images of Captive Memory. Memories of Japanese POWs of the Gulag

Guran, Letitia, College of William & Mary


Hancock, Nelson , American Museum of Natural History

Hanson, Stephen, University of Washington

Russian Democracy in Comparative Perspective

Hardy, Jeffrey, Princeton University

Gulag Tourism: Khrushchev’s “Show” Prisons in the Cold War Context, 1954-1959

Herrera, Yoshiko, Harvard University

Hirschfield, Katherine, University of Oklahoma

Honey, Larisa, CUNY

Pluralizing Practices in Soviet Moscow: Russian Alternative Practitioners Reclaim Individualism

Hromadzic, Azra, University of Pennsylvania


Ijabs, Ivars , University of Latvia


Jackson, William, Miami University

Jacobs, Dan, Miami University 


Kapusta-Pofahl, Karen, University of Minnesota

"Who Would Create a Czech Feminism?" Challenging Assumptions in the Process of Creating Relevant Feminisms in the Czech Republic (for a copy, contact the author at

Kennedy, Michael, University of Michigan

Khazan,Vladimir, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Kharkhordin, Oleg, European University of St. Petersburg

Khrushcheva, Nina, New School of Social Research

Klumbyte, Neringa, Miami University

The Cold War in the EU Market: "Euro" and "Soviet" Brands in Lithuania

Kollmann, Nancy Shields, Stanford University

Kolodzei, Natalia, Kolodzei Art Foundation, New York City

Kostalevsky, Marina, Bard College

Nadezhda von Meck: Patronage and Passion

Kotkin, Stephen, Princeton University

Eurasia Before Eurasianism

Kovacevic, Natasa, University of Florida

Orientalizing Communism: The Shifting Boundaries of Europe in Brodsky and Milosz

Kowalsky, S., University of North Carolina

Kropacheva, Elena , Hamburg University

Russian Foreign Policy Toward Ukraine: A Case of New Imperialism?


LaPierre, B., University of Chicago

Larson, Jonathan, University of Michigan

Critiques of Impure Reason? Contextualizing Postsocialist Slovak Intellectual Conflict

Laruelle, Marlene, Woodrow Wilson Center

The Eurasianist Ideology and the Eurasian History:Empire as the Natural Solution for the Post-Soviet Space

Levesque, J., University of Toronto

Levin, Theodore, Dartmouth College

Innovation and Neo-Traditionalism in the Performance of Central Asian Music

Lieven, Anatol, Carnegie Institute for International Peace

Lipinski, Artur, Kazimierz Wielki University

Livshin, Olga, Northwestern University

“Make Love, Not War” Soviet-Style: Sexuality as a Challenge to Cold War Ideology in the Prose of Aleshkovskii and Popov

Loseff, Lev, Dartmouth College

Loukacheva, Natalia, University of Toronto

Arctic Governance and Legal Systems of Greenlandd and Nunavut

Lyon, Tania Rands, Princeton University

    How Patriarchal is Post-Soviet Russia? Gender Beliefs and Work-Family Choices


Magnusdottir, Rosa, University of Iceland

Imagining America: Propaganda, Patriotism and Popular Attitudes in the Postwar Soviet Union

Mau, Vladimir, Director, Working Center for Economic Reform, Russian Federation

McCarthy, Lauren, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A Comparative Analysis of Russian and American Law Enforcement Practices on Human Trafficking

McFaul, Michael, Stanford University

Meliantsev, Vitali, Moscow State University and Havighurst Fellow

Metzo, K., Indiana University

Mikeladze, Davit, Central European University

"Russian-Speaking Minorities" in the Baltic States: A "Fifth Column" or An Integral Part of the Local Society?

Mincyte, Diana, University of Illinois-Urbana

Subsistence and Power in Brezhnev's Lithuania: How Peasants Changed the Face of Agriculture

Mitchell, Paul, Miami University

Morozova, Irina, International Institute for Asian Studies

Elites, Reforms, and Power Institutions in Soviet Kyrgyzstan and Outer Mongolia in the 1920s-40s: A Comparative Historical Analysis

Morson, Gary Saul, Northwestern University

Murer, Jeffrey Stevenson, Swarthmore College

A Rereading of the Critical Sociology of the Budapest and Frankfurt Schools

Murphy, Jonathan, University of Cambridge


Nepomnyashchy, Catharine, Columbia University

20th Century Russian Utopian and Dystopian Fiction as a Mode of Philosophical Discourse

Neuberger, Joan, University of Texas-Austin

Neuberger, Joan, University of Texas-Austin

Norris, Stephen, Miami University

Norris, Stephen, Miami University


Oushakine, Serguei, Columbia/Princeton Universities

From Russian Tragedy to Vital Forces: Theorizing Post-Soviet Ethnicity


Packocinaite, E., Central European University Warsaw

Pap, A., New York University

Paretskaya, Anna, New School for Social Research

Middle Class without Capitalism? Socialist Ideology and Post-Collective Discourse in Late Soviet Union

Partlett, William, Stanford University

Understanding Post-Soviet Resource Nationalism and Contractual Renegotiation: The Demand for Foreign Capital and Contractual Stability

Paynich, T., University of California, Riverside

Black-Market Patriotism in the 1930s

Perlina, Nina, Indiana University

Petrov, Nikolai, head of Russian government working group on regional problems

Peyrouse, Sebastien, Woodrow Wilson Center

The Imperial Minority:: An Interpretive Framework for the Russians in Kazakhstan?

Popova, Maria, McGill University

Institutional Insulation of the Judiciary as an Obstacle in the Fight Against Corruption: Evidence from Bulgaria

Prizel, Ilya, University of Pittsburgh



Remington, Thomas, Emory University

Retish, A., Ohio State University

Robinson, Harlow, Northeastern U niversity

Sidekicks and Stereotypes: Russians and their Image in the Movies

Rogers, Douglas, Miami University

From State Farm to State Administration? The Fate of Municipalization Reforms in the Rural Perm Region

Rottier, Peter, Cleveland State University

Kazak Intellectuals' Perceptions of Russians in Late Imperial Russia

Roudakova, Natalia, Stanford University

Journalists as Politicians: “Independent” Media and the Privatization of Politics in Russia in the 1990s

Round, John, University of Leicester

Marginalized for a lifetime? The everyday experiences of gulag survivors in post-Soviet Madagan


Sanabria, Sergio, Architecture, Miami University with Miami Architecture students

Tatlin and the Tower of Babel: Architecture Presentation

Schenk, Caress, Miami University

Russia's Changing Migration Policy

Schepereel, John, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Sub-National Actors, European Integration, and State Reconfiguration in Postcommunist Europe

Seipp, Andrey, Columbia University

Building the Cold War Frontier: GIs, West Germans and Refugees in Unterfranken, 1945-60

Senkevitch, Anatole, University of Michigan

The Architectural and Urban Legacy of Petersburg: Projecting Modernity's Challenge

Shapiro, Gavriel, Cornell University

Shakhnazarian, Nona, Kuban Social and Economic Institute

Sharafutdinova, Gulnaz, Miami University

The Oligarchs are Coming! Capital Expansion and Center Periphery Battles in Post-communist Russia

Shcherbenok, Andrey, Columbia University

Shcherbenok, Andrey, UC Berkeley

Sheinis, Victor, Institute of the World Economy and International Relations

Shevchenko, Iulia, European University at St. Petersburg (Russia), and a 2002-2003 Kluge Fellow at the Library of Congress

Shulman, Elena, Texas Tech University

Women as Soviet Empire Builders in the Late 1930s

Simmons, Cynthia, Boston College

Simonia, Nodari A., Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Moscow

Skyrzhevska, Yelizaveta, Miami University

Inequalities of Regional Development in Ukraine: Causes, Consequences, and Prospects

Stiks, Igor, University of Edinburgh

"The Berlin Wall Crumbled Down Upon Our Heads!" 1989 and Violence in Socialist Multinational Federations

Stoner-Weiss, Kathryn, Princeton University

Suchland, Jennifer, University of Texas at Austin

Democratic Citizenship, Sexual Difference and the Postcommunist Russian State

Sulkin, Oleg, film critic for Novoye Russkoye Slovo

    Ways of Identifying the Enemy in Today's Russian Film


Taraban, Svitlana, York University

Thompson, Niobe, Scott Polar Research Institute

Native whites: contesting local identities on Russia’s resource frontier

Thurston, Robert, Miami University

Tismaneanu, Vladimir, University of Maryland

Tismaneanu, Vladimir, University of Maryland

Tompkins, David, University of Tennessee

Orchestrating Engagement: Popular Reception of Socialist-Realist Music in East Germany and Poland

Torlone, Zara, Miami University

A Portrayal of People of 'Caucasus' in the Soviet Comedy of the 1960s and 70s

Touronok, Stanislav, Moscow State University, and post-doctoral fellow, Havighurst Center

Corruption as a Driving Force and as a Checks-and-Balances Mechanism of Post-Soviet Politics

Touronok, Stanislav, Moscow State University, and post-doctoral fellow, Havighurst Center

    Playing with Images on the Pastures of Russian Politics

Trochev, Alexei, University of Wisconsin

After the Revolution: Political Competition and Judicial Disempowerment

Tuckerova, Veronika, City University of New York

Totalitarian Language: Fidelius vs. Havel vs. Rorty

Tulbure, Narcis , University of Pittsburgh

Values in Exchange: Ambiguous Ownership, Collective Action and Changing Notions of Worth in the Romanian Mutual Funds Industry



Valkenier, Elizabeth, Columbia University

St. Petersburg: Capital of Russian Fine Arts

Vassileva-Karagyozova, Svetlana, University of Kansas

Voluntary Social Marginalization as a Surviving Strategy n the Post-Communist Polish Initiation Novels

Venclova, Tomas, Yale University

Ventsel, Aimar, Estonian Literary Museum

Von Hagen, Mark, Columbia University

The Problem of Legacies in Understanding Contemporary Russia

von Zitzewitz, Josephine, Oxford University

The “Virtual Museum of the Gulag” – Integrating Material Memory


Weiner, Elaine, University of Michigan

Rational Economic (Wo)men: Czech Female Managers in the Post-Socialist Era

Wilson, Sophia, University of Washington

The Role of Courts and Police in the Development and Suppression of Human Rights in the Post-Soviet World

Woodcock, Shannon, Sydney University

Woll, Josephine, Howard University

Wortman, Richard, Columbia University

St. Petersburg as Symbolic Center



Young, Patricia, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Romanian Market Governance: Why No Capture by Business Interests?


Zarecor, Kimberly Elman, Iowa State University

Building Socialism: Architectural Practice and the Logic of Industrial Production in Postwar Czechoslovakia

Zatusevski, Ecaterina, Columbia University

Ziolkowski, Margaret, Miami University

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